2022 World Cup|TikTok sports event with a full guide to marketing

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·4 min read

    Hello, I am your TikTok data consultant Echo.One of the biggest soccer tournaments in the world and a sports festival for all, the World Cup occurs every four years. The World Cup serves as a platform for numerous brands and international retailers in the age of "traffic = money."The 22nd World Cup soccer tournament will be held in Qatar from . In a month's time from the start of the tournament, many peripheral products have been sold in short supply, and Yiwu factory overseas orders are already lined up. According to Yiwu Sports Goods Association estimates, from the Qatar World Cup 32 flags to cheer the horn, and whistle, from soccer to jerseys, scarves, to the Hercules Cup ornaments and pillows, .So, how should TikTok sellers prepare for it? How can brands close the distance with TikTok users through World Cup marketing? How to choose to meet their brand communication needs? The strategy we bring today is to help you do your market research and holiday marketing from the following aspects.TikTok World Cup Popular Bandwagon HashtagWorld Cup Hot CategoriesWorld Cup Marketing Ideas

    1. TikTok World Cup Popular Hashtag

    Remember to quote the popular hashtag #SportsCarnival when using short videos and live content to actively plan World Cup themes.
    Looking at the data during sporting events such as the Olympics, we see that every sporting event leads to an increase in search volume and sales of , and the World Cup is no exception.

    Children's fitness and women's fitness products

    In terms of women's fitness, a slim and slim waist is the goal that most women strive for. Therefore, waist corset products have always maintained the status of Top sales in Southeast Asia, especially in the Philippines. Waist corsets not only accelerate fat burning during exercise, but can also be worn under everyday clothes to help women build a beautiful body.In addition,  is also popular in TikTok. For example, yoga mats, elastic bands, dumbbells, abdominal wheels, folding treadmills, etc., it is recommended that the customer unit price control in the equivalent of 150 yuan or less.

    On , we also found the Bluetooth sports headset sales are always high. The headphones, which cost about $40, are moderately priced and have accumulated more than 30,000 sales since they hit the shelves, and are expected to take another step up during the World Cup tournament.

    Other sports-related daily necessities, such as sports mugs and sports gloves, have good sales and can take advantage of TikTok's World Cup traffic for further marketing.

    World Cup-related peripherals are also the best-selling category, such as themed coasters, fridge stickers, jerseys, etc. Before selling related products, TikTok Shop official advice: each seller needs to learn and comply with the , which have been synchronized online in the Merchant University backend. The World Cup has a mature system of intellectual property rights (e.g., trademark rights, copyrights, etc.) that are protected worldwide by relevant laws, regulations, etc. Cross-border merchants selling infringing World Cup event-related goods without authorization may cause goods to be intercepted by customs and goods to be detained in the outbound or inbound process, which may constitute an illegal act in serious cases and will be further pursued for criminal/civil liability.

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    3. TikTok World Cup Marketing Ideas

    In addition to using popular and relevant hashtags, popular music and stickers are also important creative material to increase exposure. For example, the official original singles Hayya Hayya (Better Together) and Arhbo already have 74,000 and almost 30,000 videos respectively on TikTok and can be created using the same music.

    Additionally, the official account @FIFAWORLDCUP has sequentially uploaded popular videos to TikTok, the highest of which has received over 300 million views. You can do collabs or use original voices, which can get more traffic for the video.

    In addition to using popular hashtags, EchoTik will continue to accompany you to explore the new opportunities of global video and live e-commerce, and provide you with TikTok-related information and guidance on selection and operation, welcome to follow our channel!

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