Analysis of Hot-selling Products in the TikTok Thailand Market

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·6 min read

    In recent years, with the development of society and the improvement of living standards, the Thai market has shown some new characteristics. Let’s follow Echotik’s product selection consultant to learn more.
    1.Introduction to the Thai population based on incomplete statistics.

    2.Current market trends and overview in Thailand:
    Firstly, there is a trend towards smaller family sizes. With the accelerated urbanization process, people are starting to prefer smaller housing options, leading to a decrease in family size. At the same time, the degree of online consumption among elderly people is also increasing. With the popularity of internet technology and the acceptance of digital lifestyles by older adults, they are increasingly using online shopping platforms for their purchases.

    The digital era has brought new vitality to the Thai market. Whether it is shopping or entertainment, digitization has become a mainstream trend. Especially in urban areas with high mobile internet penetration rates, people using mobile apps for shopping have become commonplace.

    From the population profile, it can be seen that women in Thailand outnumber men, and their purchasing power in the market is becoming increasingly prominent. Compared to the past, women now play a more important role in households and have higher demands for goods and services. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to female consumers in marketing and launch products that cater to their needs.

    According to the latest analysis from Echotik (, a third-party data tool for TikTok platform insights, women still hold a significant proportion of consumer purchasing power in Thailand’s market.

    The Thai market data shows that the hot-selling products mainly include skincare and beauty, food and beverages, electronic products, clothing and home goods, as well as sports and outdoor activities. These product categories have gained popularity among consumers and achieved good sales performance in the market. Traditional festivals in Thailand have also become important opportunities for marketing. Businesses utilize these special occasions to hold promotional events, offer limited-time discounts, and attract consumers.

    3.Hot-selling products in the Thai market:

    Recently, there has been a lot of attention on some hot-selling products in the Thai market. Let’s take a look together with Echotik’s product selection consultant.
    A: First of all, in the food category, potato chips have become one of the popular products.

    Among many potato chip brands, Lay’s Cheese Flavor Potato Chips have attracted widespread attention with its unique texture and delicious cheese flavor. Lay’s Cheese Flavor Potato Chips are known for their crispy texture and rich cheese flavor. Each bite is filled with a rich aroma of cheese, giving people a taste of culinary enjoyment as if they were in England. With the popularity of social media and online platforms, Lay’s Cheese Flavor Potato Chips have been widely spread through various channels. They frequently appear on platforms such as television commercials and live streaming on the internet, actively engaging with consumers through their social media account @Lays Thailand.

    Data shows that within the past week alone, Lay’s Cheese Flavor Potato Chips has reached 42.5 million views. According to Echotik data insights tool, potato chips have become one of the popular explosive products in the food category recently

    B: In the food category, Fresh Doze Collagen Drink in pouch packaging has become one of the hottest products.

    Why is Fresh Doze Collagen Drink in pouch packaging so popular? Firstly, it not only offers delicious fruit flavors but also effectively replenishes the collagen needed for the skin. Collagen is an important component for maintaining skin elasticity and radiance. As we age, the loss of collagen can lead to problems such as sagging skin and the appearance of fine lines.

    According to Echotik data insights tool, within the past week, Fresh Doze Collagen Drink in pouch packaging has created a huge buzz on major social media platforms. It has reached over 17.4 million views, indicating a high level of user interest in this product!

    C: Skincare and beauty products - YerPallThailand Strawberry Essence with a new formula has gained significant attention in the market.

    YerPallThailand Strawberry Essence, as a skincare and beauty product, has shown outstanding performance that is hard to imagine. It utilizes unique strawberry extract as its main ingredient, offering gentle and effective cleansing of the skin while reducing facial marks and dark spots. This formula can penetrate deep into the pores, removing excess oil and impurities, leaving the skin refreshed and radiant.

    Through analysis using Echotik data insights tool, we can clearly see the popularity of this product within the past week. It has reached over 29.2 million views, representing not only consumer recognition and love for YerPallThailand Strawberry Essence with a new formula but also highlighting its hot demand in the market.

    D: Home care - Car Seat Foam Cleaner

    With the rapid development of the automotive industry, people have increasingly high demands for the comfort and cleanliness of the car interior. In this context, the Car Seat Foam Cleaner has emerged as a highly anticipated product in the market due to its outstanding functionality and popularity. It is an efficient tool specifically designed for cleaning and maintaining car seats. It utilizes advanced foam technology to penetrate deep into the fabric fibers or leather textures of the seats, thoroughly removing stains, odors, and bacteria. Whether it’s fabric seats, leather seats, or seat cushions used in various electronic devices, it can achieve excellent cleaning results.

    Through Echotik data insights tool, we can see the popularity of this hot-selling product in the market. It has reached 14.8 million views. This number not only reflects the excellent quality and performance of the product itself but also demonstrates consumer recognition and love for this product.

    In conclusion, the Thai market is entering a new digital era, and consumer demands are constantly changing. In order to better meet these demands, businesses need to pay attention to market characteristics such as household size, increased online consumption among the elderly, and the purchasing power of women. They should also incorporate marketing activities aligned with Thai holidays. Additionally, based on popular content and recent hot-selling products in the market, businesses can utilize the Echotik product selection tool on TikTok to explore more potential best-selling products and enhance their market competitiveness. Echotik is a powerful data tool that helps businesses analyze market trends, understand consumer needs, and recommend suitable products for selection. With the application of Echotik, more people will become aware of and benefit from this excellent product selection tool.

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