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    ·June 24, 2024
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    Hello, I am your TikTok data consultant Echo.

    Recently, , a TikTok third-party data analysis platform, learned that , attracting the attention of sellers. This undoubtedly reduces the difficulty of TikTok merchants entering the Singapore market.
    The number of Chinese in Singapore exceeds about  of Singapore's total population and is culturally similar to China. The high income of residents, strong purchasing power, and high internet penetration have also contributed to the high speed of operation and development of Singapore's e-commerce market.
    In the midst of a stagnant or even recessionary global economy,. With a GDP of US$ 397 billion in 2021 and a GDP per capita of US$ 72,000, Singapore is a highly developed economy. According to a joint report by social media management platform, Hootsuite and We Are Social for the first half of 2022, 
    Currently, TikTok Shop in Singapore supports both  business models. The local store requires a warehouse in Singapore and a local bank card for billing, and can be registered using either a local Singaporean company body or a Singaporean ID card and passport.
    Registration link (copy to browser to open): ​
    As an incentive for sellers to sign up, the TikTok Shop Singapore local store waives the seller's transaction commission and the seller's payment processing fee is only 1%.
    TikTok Shop Singapore can support the user payment methods, including: credit cards, debit cards (visa, MC, Amex), and Grab pay. After the end of the sale (D+6) + 1 day, the platform will be paid to the seller's bound bank card account to complete the settlement.
    Statistics from

    ​: TikTok Singapore Product Sales Chart
    BodyAid (BoDrop), which ranked second in terms of sales on the commodity sales list, is a Chinese personal care brand that has successfully exported to Southeast Asia through TikTok's small stores and the matrix of experts. The brand is registered in Shenzhen, and its hot products include shower gel, mouthwash, oral spray, toothpaste, shampoo, cleansing soap, hand cream, etc. The star product toothpaste is very popular among Southeast Asian consumers.
    To get a deeper understanding of TikTok Singapore users' preferences and interests, at , you can browse the current of TikTok Shop in Singapore:

    ​ (): TikTok Singapore's master list
    Currently, TikTok Singapore's top local celebrities are mainly life-sharing  content.  is ranked first with 17.807 million followers. According to , the blogger has over 1 billion likes, a 56.2 likes-to-fans ratio, and an rating of 8.99.

    The average length of videos posted by this master is 14 seconds, and the average number of plays, average number of likes, and average number of shares are high, making them popular with the public. In addition, this talent posts most frequently on Wednesdays, followed by Tuesdays and Fridays.

    Krutika's works are usually , written in English, imitating the actions of some characters in specific scenarios, and with one person playing multiple roles and rich and exaggerated camera language, which are very popular among young people.

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