Christmas decoration ‘floating candles’ are trending on TikTok U.S., scented candles make great gifts! Looking into high-profit and hot-selling festival products, beginner-friendly for new sellers|EchoTik Product Insight

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·4 min read

    Christmas is one of the most renowned festivals in the world, especially in Europe and America. During the two months before Christmas each year, people spend a lot of time and effort decorating homes and preparing gifts to celebrate the festival with family and friends.

    People make short videos on TikTok to capture happy moments before the holiday, including purchasing Christmas-themed items, cooking themed desserts, decorating Christmas trees, and lighting ceremonies, they also share the Christmas gifts they have bought. The festival-related hashtag #christmascountdown has already surpassed 104 million views!

    According to EchoTik data, some high-profit festive themed home decorations are hot-selling on TikTok Shop. This week, the sales of a remote-controlled floating candle and wand set have surged, around 22,000 sales, with a GMV of over $390,000.

    The product’s main marketing strategy is through influencer short videos. People usually hang the flameless electronic candles on Christmas trees or elsewhere in the home. This not only brings festive atmosphere but also avoids the potential safety concerns of flame candles, becoming the reason for them to be popular.

    Influencer @sydney.shops made a 15-second video to demonstrate the effects of the floating candle in both bright and dark settings, as well as the operation of the wand remote control, attracting 11.5 million views, estimated sales over 6,000 units!

    The set includes 12 floating candles and a wand-shaped remote control device, priced at $18.99 on TikTok, which is about 136 in RMB. On 1688, the same product costs only 47 RMB per item, making it a high-margin product. Sellers can consider following such trend as Christmas fervor continues to rise.

    Apart from decorating Christmas trees, preparing gifts is an essential tradition of Christmas. On TikTok, tags related to gift ideas have attracted a lot of attention, such as: #Christmasgift#giftideas, etc. People usually put small gifts in hanging Christmas stockings to prepare a little surprise. Aromatherapy candles have become popular “stocking items” due to small, lightweight, and romantic.

    Recently, a handmade candle shop, Vineyard Candle, has experienced rapid growth through holiday marketing. Its best-selling product is the Dr. Pepper scented soy candle. Dr. Pepper is a well-known beverage brand in the U.S. This candle cleverly mimics the beverage’s packaging, pouring the candle wax into it.

    The candle is mainly promoted through influencer short videos focused on unboxing and scent testing. Influencer @shayna.c3 described in a 35-second scent review video, 「It smells just like Dr. Pepper」 , raising a lot of skepticism in the comments section. To many, the caramel carbonated drink’s flavor is too peculiar and complex to replicate in a candle. Driven by curiosity, people ordered it to smell for themselves. The video has received 10.8 million views, estimated sales over 9,000!

    According to most user comments, the Dr. Pepper candle’s scent includes cherry, vanilla, and cinnamon. Due to its interesting appearance design, Christmas-themed red packaging, and warm sweet aroma, its sales have grew rapidly recently: priced at $35 per unit, a total of 36,100 sales, and a GMV of around $805,600! The manufacture cost of a candle is as low as an estimated cost of less than 10 RMB per item, making it a high-margin product.

    Scents are important cues that evoke memories and emotions. During Christmas, people favor scents related to the holiday, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, gingerbread, and pine, while rich scents like vanilla, sandalwood, and amber often evoke winter. In addition to scent preferences, people also choose candles based on shape or style to complement the festival mood, such as Santa Claus, gingerbread houses, snow angels, Christmas trees, and reindeer, which are all popular element choices for festive candles.

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