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    ·June 24, 2024
    ·4 min read

    TikTok Shop cross-border e-commerce issued a notice to update the cross-border UK market commodity warehousing model. The announcement said that TikTok Shop is exploring and strengthening the platform infrastructure, combining regional market rules and user consumption habits to improve the warehousing model and quality inspection and other commodity operation requirements, and continue to supply higher quality goods and better shopping experience to global users.

    From April 15, 2023, the TikTok Shop cross-border e-commerce platform supports cross-border UK marketplace goods using the following business methods:

    ☆ Goods operated through the platform’s domestic stocking warehouse;

    ☆ Goods operated through the platform’s certified UK overseas warehouse or its own UK overseas warehouse;

    ☆ Jewelry and crystal goods that have passed the inspection of QIC Quality Inspection Center in the consolidation warehouse.

    2. DPP authorities want to follow the U.S. ban TikTok was questioned, some people on the island shouted “downgrade the DPP”

    After the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to ban TikTok, the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities have proposed a total ban on TikTok under the pretext of “curbing election misinformation” in order to follow the U.S. lead.

    3. TikTok CEO cutting the company from ByteBeat cannot solve the problem

    In a recent interview, TikTok CEO Zhou Shouzhi said that cutting TikTok off from Chinese investors would not solve the so-called “security risk” concerns of the United States.

    According to the U.S. “Wall Street Journal” reported on March 16, Zhou Shouzhi said in an interview with the media that even if ByteDance sells TikTok, TikTok platform users will not receive more security protection than they do now. TikTok is currently discussing a partnership with Oracle Corporation to store U.S. user data on Oracle’s platform. The partnership is planned to cost tens of billions of dollars.

    4. Amazon’s new Sydney distribution center completed

    Recently, Amazon Amazon’s “last mile” logistics and distribution center in Sydney was completed. The project cost $66 million (about RMB 454 million) and is located near the Victoria Airport Authority on 7.8 acres (about 31565.46 square meters).

    5. Jingdong Thailand will stop service on March 31

    The backend of Jingdong’s Thailand station shows that the station will cease all services on March 31, 2023. It is reported that Jingdong closed the Thailand station in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency and focus resources on cross-border supply chain infrastructure, including Southeast Asia.

    6. Pinduoduo Temu warehouse suspended receipt of goods

    Recently, a number of sellers received a notice from Temu, due to the serious accumulation of goods in Temu’s warehouse, the preparation of goods into the warehouse will be suspended in the near future, all new products all stop on the new, all goods suspended restocking. The time of suspension is still uncertain, and is expected to be around a week.

    In addition, Poundland cross-border e-commerce Temu plans to go live on the UK site on March 25. temu insiders confirmed the news, and said that other European countries are also in the pipeline, the future of Africa, Latin America and other regions are also temu’s expansion targets.

    Last September, Poundland officially launched Temu in North America. Up to now, Temu has dominated the AppStore shopping list and GooglePlay shopping list for many days respectively, with more than 40 million new downloads.

    7. 2023 China Cross Border E-Commerce Fair Opens

    On March 18, 2023 China Cross Border E-Commerce Fair opened with the opening ceremony announcing that 2023 is the first year of globalization of China Cross Border Fair. eBay and a large number of well-known platforms in the industry with international popularity and industry influence exhibited collectively.

    This year’s cross-fair to trade as the focus, the scale of 70,000 square meters, the supply chain booth size of not less than 80%. Many well-known export-oriented industry belts in the country exhibitors, covering a total of more than 20 provinces and cities in more than 60 industrial belts, foreign trade traditional industrial belt to become the “main force”.

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