EchoTik |How to Manage Orders in TikTok Shop

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·4 min read

    This section provides a step-by-step guide on managing new orders, including checking the order status, shipping the order, tracking delivery, managing cancellations, and exporting the order list.

    How to get to Order Management

    Click Orders > Manage Orders

    Order status and management

    From this part, you can manage all the orders and check order status.

    All Order

    Under the All tab you can see all orders with all statuses (except for Returns/Refunds orders).

    Actions you can take:

    You can use filters to select the orders you want to view and see the order volume . You can also sort the orders in a variety of ways.

    Unpaid Orders

    This Unpaid tab shows all orders that have been placed, but where payment has not as yet been completed.

    Actions you can take:

    •​You can click the chat button to contact buyers, and encourage them to complete the sale. You can only contact buyers who created orders within the previous 60 days. After 60 days, buyers cannot be contacted.

    Note: If the payment is not made, the following will occur:

    Reminder: The platform will send the buyer a reminder to make the payment a set time after the order has been created.

    Cancellation: The unpaid order will be canceled automatically by the system when a set time limit has been reached after the order was created. The buyer will be notified by an in-app message.

    Preparing to Ship

    When the order has been paid for, you can prepare for shipping. You can view all the orders awaiting shipment and collection under the To Ship tab. 

    You can arrange shipment order by order.

    There are two different order status tabs:

    1.​Awaiting Shipment

    View all orders that have been paid for successfully by customers and need to be prepared for shipment.

    2.​Awaiting Collection

    This section shows all orders that have not yet been picked up by a logistics provider. The Awaiting Collection status will be triggered after the seller selects Ship via platform by clicking Arrange Shipment.

    Shipping Filters

    4 quick filters are also available to filter according to the fulfillment SLA (Ship within 24 hours, Cancelling within 24 hours, Shipment overdue, Collection overdue)to help sellers fulfill orders on time. Hover over filters to see processing suggestions and the corresponding platform rule reminder.


    ​Make sure orders are packed and ready to be picked up before you click Arrange Shipment.

    Shipped Orders

    In the Shipped tab sellers can view all the orders picked up and shipped by shipping providers.

    In this process, there are two different status:

    1. In Transit — This means the orders have been picked up by a logistics company, but have not yet been received by customers.

    2. Delivered — This means the orders have been delivered to customers.

    You can take the following actions to track delivery status:

    •​View logistics details

    •​Update tracking info (Note: You should update the tracking info within 36 hours.)

    •​Contact buyer if needed (Note: You can only contact buyers who created orders within the previous 60 daysAfter 60 days, buyers cannot be contacted.)

    Completed Orders

    The Completed tab shows all the orders that have been delivered, or returned or refunded successfully.

    Actions you can take:

    •​View logistics

    •View after-sale records. When a return or refund has been requested on an order, click on it to return to the management page to view the details

    •Contact buyer if needed (Note: You can only contact buyers who created orders within the previous 60 daysAfter 60 days, buyers cannot be contacted.)

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