EchoTik Launches the First TikTok Shop U.S. Pricing Calculator; Supports Full-Hosting Shop and Product Filtering! | Major Upgrade

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·3 min read

    EchoTik v23.12.1 is now live, introducing two major new features:

    Exclusive | TikTok Shop U.S. Pricing Calculator Launched!

    Pricing is one of the most critical aspects of cross-border e-commerce operations and often determines the success of transactions. Many sellers struggle with balancing profit margins and competitive pricing in the market.

    To assist sellers with pricing, EchoTik launched the exclusive TikTok Shop Pricing Calculator in January 2023, supporting both local and cross-border sellers in Southeast Asian countries and the UK, which was well-appreciated by users. In this update, we have added a pricing calculator for the U.S. site.

    To access the pricing calculator, copy this link to your browser:

    How to Use

    01 Click the top right corner to select the country site: U.S. site.

    02 Choose a shipping method from three options:

    l Local warehouse delivery (suitable for sellers with local storage and rental local warehouse in the U.S. generating costs);

    l Local warehouse delivery(Supply chain) (suitable for sellers with local storage and own local warehouse in the U.S. or full-hosting sellers);

    l Cross-border delivery(Virtual warehouse)* (suitable for cross-border sellers shipping from a virtual warehouse).

    *Virtual Warehouse: Indicates local shipping but actually ships from China, with logistics tracking showing the local country. Inventory is in China without local stockpiling.

    03 After selecting the shipping method, fill in the product cost, various sales costs, and logistics costs, along with the proposed price.

    EchoTik’s Pricing Calculator automatically combines these costs with the current exchange rate for calculation. For bulk calculations, download the Excel spreadsheet on the right side and complete the calculations.

    We recommend sellers to reserve a profit margin for large promotions and discounts, aiming for a gross profit margin above 40%.

    Overview: Full-hosting stores (also known as Project S stores, we use “「S Shop」” as an abbreviation, “「S Products」” likewise for such products) refer to stores supplied by full-hosting sellers to the TikTok Shop platform and operated by the platform.

    Considering the needs of different types of sellers, EchoTik has added a new feature to mark and filter S shops/products. This is due to the supply chain’s price advantage and more official traffic support and price subsidies for s shops and products. Many self-operated sellers wish to avoid s products to achieve differentiated competition; at the same time, many factory, integrated industry and trade, and supply chain sellers want to view products suitable for full-hosting to accurately plan their product selection and stocking.

    How to View

    01 Shops Shops Library S Stop Yes/No

    02 Products Go to Library S Shop Yes/No

    l Click on the shop/product detail page to see the exclusive “「S Shop/S Product」” mark, making it easier for users to identify the category.

    The above are the key updates in this release. Since its launch, EchoTik has maintained close communication with users, focusing on their real needs for frequent product iterations.

    Our product has helped global TikTok industry sellers, agencies, and creators with big data for short video and live broadcast operations and brand marketing decisions, significantly improving their efficiency and accuracy in product selection, influencer collaboration, and benchmark management.

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