EchoTik One-Year Anniversary: Potentially the Top Data Company in the US

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·3 min read

    We are thrilled to celebrate our one-year anniversary. As a company dedicated to SaaS development for global markets, providing data tools and decision-making advice, EchoTik has faced numerous challenges and worked tirelessly over the past year. Now, we may proudly claim to be one of the leading data companies in the United States.

    To express our gratitude to all users who have accompanied us on this journey, we are delighted to announce a special anniversary promotion. This promotion not only includes discounted prices but also significant upgrades and updates to our products.
    Membership Activities:

    Product Features:
    ① US Data Dashboard Release
    EchoTik, the TikTok e-commerce data platform for the US market, has officially launched. With the US Data Dashboard, you can get a comprehensive overview of the market, including traffic, influencers, products, stores, and categories. EchoTik is now at the forefront of third-party data tools for TikTok in the US.

    ② New Product Features

    1.Hot Video Rankings and Hot Video Sales Rankings: Stay updated with the most popular videos and video-driven sales on TikTok.

    2.Trending Hashtag Rankings: Hashtags are crucial for content categorization and discovery on TikTok. EchoTik’s Trending Hashtag Rankings analyze the trends of popular hashtags on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to help creators increase visibility and reach more targeted users.

    3.Video Monitoring Tool: Monitor account data in bulk, import influencer accounts for monitoring video playback and sales data, receive real-time notification emails, and view individual video performance within monitored influencer accounts.

    4.One-Click Store Listing: Easily list products from your local store with our new feature.

    5.Talent networking function: Connect with influencers effortlessly by accessing their contact information.

    We are continuously developing more exciting features to enhance your experience with EchoTik. Stay tuned for more surprises!

    ③ Product Iteration and Optimization

    1.Video Sales Data Re-release with Improved Accuracy: After two months of algorithm adjustments and optimizations, EchoTik is now the only platform that allows you to view individual video sales data with high precision.

    2.“New” Labels for Stores and Product Libraries: Newly discovered products or stores within the past 30 days will be labeled as “new” and can be filtered accordingly. Combine this filter with others for unexpected results.

    The completion of the US Data Release, Product Updates, and Product Optimization before this anniversary celebration is a result of the relentless efforts of the EchoTik technical team. We aim to provide users who rely on EchoTik’s data with high-quality feedback and maximize the value they receive from their membership benefits. In the future, EchoTik will continue to strive for providing even better and more practical data tools and decision support systems, offering comprehensive and personalized solutions for e-commerce sellers and content creators.

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