EchoTik v23.1.2-beta is online!

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·2 min read

    (1)The optimizations of site-wide feature updates and page

    Full site support for Indonesian.

    Support data download for influencer library, product library, and video library based on user suggestions.

    Based on user feedback and TK Shop's features, change region selection to the global option so that users can focus more on their own region's data.

    Optimize the currency conversion function, support converting to national currency and USD, and reduce irrelevant currency disturbance to users.

    Optimizing the home page, removing the low-frequency data cards, and adding navigation and three real-time leaderboards based on user feedback.

    All leaderboard data, support viewing historical data.

    Support playing videos within the site, no longer jump out to the TikTok website (still need users to solve the network problem of accessing TikTok).

    personal center support binding WeChat, Gmail; support modify the email.

    (2)The optimization of the influencer page

    Similar influencer recommendation section added to the influencer details page, more convenient to discover similar influencers.

    Added influencer's other social media account information to the influencer details page.

    (3)The optimization of the tools page

    Added favorites feature based on user suggestions, you can favorite influencers, videos, products, and live streams.

    Added  convenient for sellers to calculate profits.

    The upcoming

    • Upgrading of TikTok Shop and live data

    • Supported by Spanish data


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