EchoTik Weekly Leaderboard|TikTok Trending Creators & Videos (11/14-11/20)

    ·June 24, 2024
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    Hello, I am your TikTok data consultant Echo.
    Recently, when talking with many sellers and brands, we found that the most troubling thing is the ability to create content, especially users. (, a third-party data analysis platform for TikTok, has launched  to help you quicklytrends
    Five points to tell you why you should follow TikTok hot content and dark horse creators in real-time.

    • Understanding the local market and fashion trends to assist in the selection and creation of products.

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    ​EchoTik|TikTok Follower Growth Weekly Leaderboard (11/14-11/20)It is worth noting that , the talent this week, had an astonishing increase in followers, and the increase was completed on November 18th, accounting for about 2/3 of his total fans! Connor Price is a Canadian independent music artist who is currently on the rise. Connor, though little known in China, is a huge hit on TikTok.

    Compared to the short videos that are common on TikTok, Connor's videos are longer, mostly focusing on 30-60 seconds, and the content is mostly based on his own music compositions. His hottest series is the 🌍Spin the Globe Series🌍: in each video, Connor spins the globe with his finger and points to a random region with his finger, after which Connor looks for a good rapper (rapper) in that region on social networks and sends an invitation to collaborate with Ta, sending a Beat he has made to the rapper, then completes the composition and leads to two-way traffic. The new and surprising series was well received.

    EchoTik Global Dark Horse Creators Weekly leaderboard (11/14-11/20)

    EchoTik's exclusive Growth Index has been developed to help identify the most promising Dark Horse creators (under 100,000 followers), and the latest EchoTik data shows that TikTok's global Dark Horse creators are growing at a fast pace. Last week, from 14 November to 20 November, the top 5 global dark horse creators were: Sammly Antunes, risa, Charlotte Crouch, Sidney Pedroso, Twitter beautybynaa. These bloggers are growing fast in terms of followers and likes, usually driven by a few recent popular short videos.

    EchoTik|TikTok Dark Horse Creators Weekly leaderboard (11/14-20)

    Sammy Antunes' creative direction is very subdivided, mainly around the subject of special creative makeup, such as clown makeup, Cos venom makeup, etc. Most of the videos are less than 15 seconds, which is in line with the characteristics of short video creation. Often issued in conjunction with Halloween related tags.

    EchoTik Global Trending Videos Weekly leaderboard (11/17-11/23)

    In the last 7 days, the most liked videos worldwide are below, with the Top 5 videos all receiving over 5 million likes. Two of these accounts (nococapone.comedy and NoahandLori) are positioned as comedies of couples' lives, reflecting a common preference among TikTokers worldwide. In addition to documenting the funny lives of couples, couples parodying each other (especially husbands parodying their wives) is a very popular creative trend these days.

    EchoTik|TikTok Trending Videos Weekly leaderboard (11/14-20)

    Top 3 ranked video creators: Noah and Lori, the only one of the top 5 million internet celebrities with less than 10 million followers, is an indication of how widely the video has spread: EchoTik, a third-party TikTok data analytics platform, shows that after being sent out on November 19, the video has received 27.1M views, 6.8M likes, 16.4K in three days as of November 22 and 56.4K retweets, and the numbers are still on the rise.

    In addition to the couple theme, there is also a hot trend hashtag——#Heatlesscurls (heatless curls) - that deserves our attention. Heatless curls refer to women who love to curl their hair with tools other than heating sticks in order to protect it. For example, leggings and stocking braids of the moment. Many female bloggers in Europe and the US use Lululemon leggings or their own stockings to braid their hair and wake up with healthy, natural-looking curls in the morning.

    Image source: TikTok

    As of November 23, the related hashtags #Heatlesscurls (heatless curls) and #Leggingscurls (leggings curls) have received 2.7B and 20.3M views respectively, making them suitable for female-themed directional bandwagoning such as leggings, stockings, hair accessories, beauty, and personal care. Merchants can useEchoTik to build connections with relevant experts if they have a need for bandwagoning.

    Above is the content and data analysis of the TikTok Trending Creators & Video Weekly leaderboard (11/14-11/20) brought to you by EchoTik in this issue.

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