EchoTik Weekly Leaderboard|TikTok Trending Creators & Videos (11/28-12/04)

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·3 min read

    Hello, I am your TikTok data consultant Echo.

    In order to facilitate you to quickly understand the popular trends of TikTok and improve your content creation ability, EchoTik (, the TikTok data analysis platform, has launched the .
    Please check the leaderboard and analysis of last week (2022/11/28-12/04).

    EchoTik Global Follower Growth Weekly Leaderboard (11/28-12/04)

    According to (), from November 28 to December 04 of last week, the top 5 global accounts that increased their followers were: Enejota, argenby • sigma, Emir Abdul Gani, sarahcaus, Netflix. 
    EchoTikhttps://echotik.livedate, region, influencer type, and influencer categories.

    It is worth noting that the famous Brazilian footballer "Neymar" (@neymarjr, TikTok nickname: Enejota) has been among the top 3 global fans on TikTok for several weeks.

    This week, he ranked  fan list with 2.4M new followers.

    Account:  is also in the Top 2 of the weekly fan list with  new fans, and the average number of video plays reached 7,945,200, which shows the wide spread of the video. Compared to the short videos on TikTok in general, argenby's videos are shorter, mostly focused on <15s, and usually sent on Saturdays.

    EchoTik Global Dark Horse Creators Weekly Leaderboard (11/28-12/04)

    EchoTik has developed an exclusive growth index for users to help filter out the  with the most growth potential (under 100,000 followers). From November 28 to December 04, the top 5 dark horse creators in the world were swag

    Okay I Pull Up ranked first with 12.3M new likes and 32.7K new followers in a week. The blogger has 46,000 total followers and 15,211,000 total likes, which is at an extremely high level, indicating that the creative content is sufficiently eye-catching.

    EchoTik Global Trending Videos Weekly Leaderboard (11/28-12/04)

    In the last 7 days, the most liked videos in the world are as follows. The Top 6 videos have received more than  likes.

    The Top 1 video tops the list with a whopping 240 million views. The video was created by @KOOLKIDNELLY, a third-party TikTok data analysis platform EchoTik. It shows that the video was sent out on December 01, and as of December 04, it has received 201.2M plays, 11.8M likes and 35K comments in three days, and the data is still on an upward trend.

    Above is the content and data analysis of TikTok Trending Creators & Videos (11/28-12/04) brought to you by EchoTik in this issue. In the next issue, we will bring you the TikTok Trending Products & Shops Weekly Leaderboard.

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