CONTENTS, best TikTok third-party data analytics tool, boosts e-commerce business for sellers!

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·4 min read

    Nowadays, social commerce, where users can buy items without leaving the social media app, has gained massive success in China. TikTok's sister app Douyin enjoyed a 300 per cent rise in sales year on year in the 12 months to May, with users buying more than 10bn products.

    Meanwhile, China's ByteDance, which owns both TikTok and Douyin, is expanding its model worldwide and speeding up the development of e-commerce through TikTok Shop, which launched in the US, the UK, and south-east Asia.

    Operating a TikTok Shop or a creator account, however,  is not easy for everyone due to a lack of data statistics, especially when users want to do target market research, discover creators to collaborate with and best-selling products to sell, and monitor data of accounts and shops.

    As a consequence, a tech tool that includes a database of TikTok creators, shops, and products with multi-dimensional analytics is dedicated to remedying these issues is a third-party data analytics platform for TikTok. Our mission is to empower sellers, creators, MCNs, and brands around the world to leverage short video and live-streaming strategies and make sales and promotion easier. was founded in mid-2022 with an official website and a chrome extension, by a Singapore start-up called EchoSell, which was funded over 1 billion RMB in the angel wheel round. These team members come from leading internet companies specialized in e-commerce. After updating four times per month, in late November, released its full version globally and you can register an account via Google or e-mail for free.

    Download Chrome Extension:

    There are 4 main functions in for users to discover:

    1. TikTok Data Overview provides a complete scale of the number of creators, short videos, products, and sales in total and their distribution in each region/country, and you can filter the data according to your preference.

    2. TikTok Creator Library

    Over 5 million top creators are collected on By filtering them according to different factors, including region, category, scale, etc., users can easily browse leaderboards of global creators, analyze the influence of content, and track creators with the best e-commerce performance.

    While users can not find the creators they search for, will automatically record the accounts and demonstrate the latest updated data immediately.

    3. TikTok Products Spy

    Users can explore best-sell products by sales, price, time, and categories through, discover the key factors which make these items popular by analyzing the performance of short videos, live-streaming, and influencers, so as to boost your e-commerce business.  

    4. TikTok Short Videos & Live Stream Analytics Tool is the first tool that provides multiple data and trends to assist users analyze the performance of short videos and live streams in four dimensions, including an overview, video analysis, live analysis, and sales analysis. By using, users can save time in finding and evaluating creators, and track the behavior of multiple accounts and materials, so as to scale their business.

    Also, all the data you want to know is visualized by charts to help staff analyze them with ease.

    As the holiday season approaches, it is essential to get a free trial to start your e-commerce and monetization journey with We believe that TikTok e-commerce will gain huge success in the near future in more regions, and continue to improve's technology and platform services to help global brands, sellers, and creators explore opportunities in TikTok.

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