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    ·June 24, 2024
    ·4 min read


    Customers can initiate a Return and refund request by navigating to the Orders section within the TikTok app. This action can only be requested if the order falls within the returns period.

    Return Process

    When requesting a refund, the customer must first select a reason for the return and then choose their desired return method. Today, customers can choose one of two methods:

    1. Hermes(Evri) Drop Off

    This service enables customers to return the item through a local Hermes return point. By selecting this option, the cost will be automatically calculated and the tracking number for the returning parcel will be auto-populated to ensure you can monitor the status of the return.

    After the initial returns request is approved within 48 business hours by the Seller, customers will be sent the return label directly within the TikTok app in QR code format. This can be scanned at their local drop off location. They will also have the option to email a PDF version of the label to their customer email address.

    ❗ Note: Hermes Drop off is restricted to items that meet the following criteria:

    • Maximum weight of 15 kg

    Max perimeter = (b + c) * 2 + a has to be smaller than 245cm

    (a is the longest side and b is the other two sides)

    • Item(s) value up to £1,500

    2. Self Arrange

    Customers can also arrange their own returns solution. Within 5 days after the Seller accepts their return request, the customer must ensure the package contains all the required return items and enter the tracking number for the return shipment within TikTok app.

    This is to ensure you (as the Seller) can have visibility on the returning package journey, in case you need to extend the returns period before accepting the returned goods to refund the customer.

    Return and Refund Costs

    Based on the customer return reason, the cost of returns is bourne by either the customer or the seller. This is fully outlined in the table below. TikTok Shop will automatically deduct the return cost via the following:

    • If Buyer is Responsible — The return cost will be deducted from the requested refund amount

    • If Seller is Responsible — The return cost will be billed to the associated TikTok Shop account.

    ❗ Note: If the settlement for the order has already been processed, TikTok Shop will recover the return cost during the next settlement period.


    What if the return reason is “Missed Estimated Delivery Date”?

    Should the item be shipped via platform (ie. through Hermes/DPD), then the return cost will be determined based on the below logic.

    What are the costs associated for Hermes (Evri) Drop Off?

    Costs of returns is borne by either Seller/Buyer depending on the returns reason, and return address will dictate whether shipment costs fall under Mainland UK or Remote Areas price category. The below outlines the cost associated with this service:


    • The rate card will be effective from May 17th UK local time 06:00 (GMT+0)

    • ​Max weight for platform shipping is 15kg per shipment. The chargeable weight is basing on the actual weight per shipment.

    • The settlement currency of the rate card is GBP (£)

    • Northern Ireland and Highlands in Scotland are defined as remote areas

    • VAT exclusive (20%)

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