EchoTik|TikTok Trending Products & Shops Weekly Leaderboard (11/21-11/27)

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·3 min read

    Hello, I am your TikTok data consultant Escho.

    In order to facilitate you to quickly understand the popular trends of TikTok and improve your content creation ability, EchoTik (, the TikTok data analysis platform, has launched the TikTok Trending Products & Shops Weekly Leaderboard.

    EchoTik Global Market Large Database (11/21-27)

    According to EchoTik), from November 21 to 27 last week, care and Beauty & Person Care remained the hottest selling category for most TikTok Shops, especially the Indonesia site, which sold 6M last week. Slide the chart below to see the big market data for other country (Philippines/Singapore/UK) sites.

    EchoTik Trending Creators Leaderboard (11/21-27)

    According to (), in terms of the regional distribution of creators (with & without creators), the US has the highest number of creators, the highest number of premium creators (>100k followers), and also the highest percentage of premium creators. About 1 in 10 creators have followers level of over 100K.

    Details: Visit EchoTik ( and click on Influencers - Leaderboard-Influencer Leaderboard to see the full leaderboard and other related leaderboards, with multi-dimensional filtering by date, region, influencer type, and influencer categories.

    EchoTik Dark Horse Sellers Leaderboard (11/21-27)

    EchoTik has developed an exclusive growth index for the majority of users to help filter out the  with the most growth potential (bandwagoners with less than 100,000 followers). From November 21 to 27, the top 5 dark horse creators in the world are: NardiDaulay, liofar, ukdrill510, Atiiqart, Sumzz.

    EchoTik Trending Products Leaderboard (11/21-27)

    Last week, from November 21 to 27, the Top 6 list of hot items by country is as follows. It is worth noting that the United Kingdom has seen a high increase in sales and sales due to the recent "Black Friday Online One" holiday marketing.

    Indonesia's health supplement market is also worth watching. This vitamin C supplement saw a surge in sales last week, topping the Indonesian sales chart. Total sales were 438.1K at a unit price of about $4.20. The product was mainly carried by the store's live stream.

    Above is the content and data analysis of TikTok Trending Products & Shops Weekly Leaderboard (11/21-11/27) brought to you by EchoTik in this issue.

    If you want to see more information about adults, videos and products, please visit 's website for more details.​, a third-party data analysis platform for short videos and live-streaming e-commerce.


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