GMV 4 million USD! Outdoor tools and power station brand Fanttik ranks Top 4 in TikTokshop US ranking list, road trips become popular topic in North America | EchoTik Product Insights

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·9 min read

    TikTok Shop US E-commerce Weekly Data (12/04–12/10):

    1)Total GMV in Last week is $84.9 million, an increase of about 6.7% from the previous week; the daily average sales were $12.1 million, with the highest single-day sales reaching $23.5 million;

    2)As of December 10th, the GMV Top 5 categories were: Beauty & Personal Care, Womenswear, Mobile & Electronics, Sports & Outdoors, and Home Supplies;

    3)Recently, S shop products have seen high sales, with hot-selling items mainly covering categories like Womenswear, Beauty & Personal Care, Digital 3C, etc.

    4)As Christmas holiday approach, sales of festive and travel-related products have been increasing, including Christmas home decorations, gifts, as well as portable travel bags, camping tools, car accessories, and other travel necessities.

    As the year 2024 is about to come, international ‘jobbers’ can’t wait to start preparing for the upcoming Christmas holiday travel. On TikTok, topics related to holidays and travel such as #trip #journey#holiday have exceeded billion views. TikTok has become an important community for people to seek travel destinations, plan trips, and record beautiful travel moments.

    The automotive outdoor tool brand Fanttik has climbed to the Top 4 on the TikTok Shop US weekly rankings by selling related products: electric screwdriver kits, portable tire inflators, portable outdoor power station, etc.

    TikTok Shop Data Analysis

    01 Basic Data

    EchoTik data found: Fanttik on TikTok Shop reached 78,600 total sales, an estimated GMV of $4.08 million. Most orders were generated in the past month, during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday events. The recent 30-day sales is 54,000, an estimated GMV of $2.77 million.

    In the last 30 days, orders accounting for GMV mainly generated from Power Tools, accounting for around 79%. Other miscellaneous categories included Solar & Wind Power , Automotive & motorcycle, Home Improvements, etc.

    02 Trending Products

    Fanttik’s main markets are North America and Europe, with sales channels including its brand website, Amazon, and TikTok Shop. This diversified sales channel strategy allows it to reach a broader consumer base. On its DTC brand website, Fanttik offers hundreds of products, including high-quality, modern-designed cars, tools, electric motorcycles, and outdoor products.

    However, Fanttik has not listed all its products on TikTok Shop but selected about a dozen hot-selling products suitable for the platform to focus on. The shop’s main products include electric screwdriver sets, outdoor power stations, portable tire inflators, dash cams, etc. Product prices range from $39.97 to $249.97, an average price of $89.54.

    The top-selling product in the stop is the screwdriver kit. According to the product description, it comes with various screw heads and extension accessories, suitable for various repair and assembly tasks; it is also portable and easy to use, allowing users to complete a variety of repair projects easily and quickly.

    As of December 13th, this single product, priced at $44.78, has generated 82,500 sales, a total GMV of $4.01 million, the last 30 days’ GMV accounted for 63% of the total. In TikTok’s user rating system of 5 stars, it received a 4.6-star rating, performing exceptionally well. It is suitable for individuals, families, and professional repair workers.

    Other hot products from the shop are from Fanttik’s automotive tool product line. Two portable tire inflators ranked Top 2 and Top 3 in sales, with a combined 5,500 sales and a GMV close to $350,000. They can inflate tires for cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, suitable for outdoor travel or cycling enthusiasts. Compared to traditional tire inflating equipment, their common features are portability, low power consumption, rechargeable with power banks, and ideal for light travel.

    In recent years, due to the increasing emphasis on energy conservation and environmental protection, as well as higher demands for outdoor travel quality, outdoor power tools have become a hot-selling category. Domestic capital is also focusing on the power station export niche. As a brand that started in outdoor tools and actively expanded multiple product lines, Fanttik happened to catch the opportunity in power tools.

    Fanttik is the first brand to sell outdoor power stations on TikTok Shop. According to the product description, it features fast charging, long battery life, portability, and silent operation, suitable for short outdoor leisure, home emergency, and other light power demand scenarios. As of December 11th, Fanttik’s portable solar power station have over 2,000 sales, a total GMV close to $300,000. Accompanying the year-end travel rush, this number continues to rise.

    03 Sales Methods and Influencers

    Fanttik mainly uses short videos for product promotion, including shop account and influencer invitations, supplemented by live stream selling, to enhance in-shop product sales and exposure. Since launching, Fanttik has produced 272 short videos and held 8 live streams, bringing in 37,200 sales and an estimated revenue of $1.9 million for the shop.

    The shop connected with 297 influencers on TikTok in total, including 293 short video influencers and 6 live stream influencers, covering influencers of all fan bases. The top-tier influencer with close to ten million followers is willing to promote for Fanttik, as the brand has built years of reputation and credibility in North America and has won the design industry’s ‘Oscar’ — the Red Dot Award.

    Influencer profiles show that most are male, with over 40% in the Digital & 3C category, including many technology enthusiasts (“Geeks”) and car lovers. These enthusiast-level consumers are usually willing to spend generously on brands they like. They typically interpret Fanttik’s products from professional perspectives such as design, function, and core technology, attracting fellow enthusiasts who also pursue advanced technology and design details.

    Next are family typo influencers, mostly middle-aged couples, covering various categories like Home Appliances, Beauty & Personal Care. They enjoy sharing their daily family life on TikTok, easily incorporating Fanttik’s product usage scenarios, attracting the general public.

    @grantsdealz is a male influencer specializing in digital home appliance product reviews and a passionate fan of Fanttik. Although only 156,000 followers on TikTok, his conversion ability is strong, indicating a precise fan base with strong purchasing power. For example, in this one-minute video about Fanttik’s portable power station, the influencer highlighted the battery’s multiple adapter sockets, USB cable, convenient switch, and multi-setting lighting on the back. This successfully attracted 3.7 million views, 35,400 likes, with an estimated 411 sales conversions, generating an estimated GMV of $62,000!

    Besides product explanations, incorporating outdoor usage scenarios is also an effective method for Fanttik to collaborate with influencers for promotional videos. @Haz Life Fishing, a fishing enthusiast with close to 350,000 followers on TikTok, precisely targeted this fan group in his outdoor video promoting the portable power station, resulting in dozens of conversions.

    @haueterfamily, a family influencer account with 9.8 million followers on TikTok, chose a family life scene for Fanttik’s promotional video. In this 1 minute and 5-second video, the wife shows off her new Fanttik electric screwdriver kit, stating she will use it to fix the cabinet door her husband should have repaired two and a half years ago. The relatable family scenario and the couple’s humorous interaction made the advertisement deeply resonate, avoiding annoyance, and fully showcasing the product’s high functionality and ease of use. This video ultimately received 3.9 million views, close to 470,000 likes, and over 4,000 transactions.

    Automotive and Outdoor Power Brands Flourishing on TikTok

    In the United States, the per capita car ownership rate is nearly 87%. According to Wikipedia’s official statistics, in 2022, the total number of cars in the US reached 2.9 billion. In the car ownership rate per 1,000 people, the U.S. ranks seventh globally with a figure of 868. This means that in the US., 868 out of every 1,000 people own a car.

    In some states with vast territories and sparse populations, public transport is inconvenient, and people rely on private cars for daily travel. Against this backdrop, the automotive tool market in North America has encountered a huge market opportunity. People need to prepare for long-distance travel, equipping their cars with various tools such as repair tools and tire inflators.

    Power tools international expansion is also one of the hottest trends. The United States and Japan are major global consumers of portable power tools, with their combined consumption accounting for 76.9%. The US has a large outdoor activity community.

    According to the data from the Outdoor Foundation, in 2022, the number of participants in outdoor activities in the U.S. reached a record high of 168.1 million, accounting for 55% of the population aged 6 and above. Therefore, the demand for portable power station in the US is extensive

    The typical use scenarios for automotive tools and portable power station include camping, cycling, RV living, fishing, and other outdoor activities. These activities are widely disseminated on social media platforms like TikTok, presented in the form of travel vlogs, lifestyle records, and wilderness adventures, attracting widespread public attention.

    EchoTik data has found the popularity of topics like #roadtrip and # camping on TikTok has been rising rapidly recently. Under these tags, one can see ‘backpackers’ driving through the beautiful mountainous regions of Europe and the U.S., experiencing the charm of natural landscapes. The exposure of these tags has already exceeded 400 million views.

    Camping life is also popular content on TikTok. People document choosing their camping spots, setting up tents, laying beds, making fires, and cooking outdoors. “Rustic luxury” has become a lifestyle aesthetic admired by the public: it’s about being close to nature’s beauty while also revealing luxury and comfort in the details. In this style, many mid-to-high-end brands have been added to the outdoor category, such as camping tents, inflatable beds, portable outdoor tables and chairs, coffee equipment, and cooking utensils.

    The portable coffee extraction machine Wacaco is a typical new outdoor product. It’s the size of a thermos, can grind coffee beans and extract espresso, providing a taste not inferior to traditional coffee machines. The blogger @scarletandseth, a lifestyle blogger on TikTok, shares her life living in a van. In one of her videos, she recommended three must-haves for van life (#vanlife), one of which is the Wacaco coffee machine. This video attracted over a million views and sparked lively discussions.

    Compared to traditional e-commerce, these lifestyle products on TikTok Shop can be subtly promoted through short videos, offering more room for product upgrades and brand premium. Moreover, leveraging the spillover effect of traffic can enhance brand recognition and sales across multiple e-commerce channels, thus increasing overall market infiltration rate.

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