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    ·June 24, 2024
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    TikTok Shop US e-commerce weekly data (12.18-12.24):

    l Last week's total GMV was $69.2 million; daily average was $9.9 million;

    l Top 5 GMV categories last week: Beauty & Personal Care ($13.52M, 19.62%), Womenswear ($8.22M, 11.93%), Collectibles ($5.97M, 8.66%), Sports & Outdoors ($5.26M, 7.63%);

    S shops/products saw the fastest GMV and sales growth last week, especially in Womenswear and Home Supplies, primarily standard products;

    Health category has maintained steady growth recently and is currently in a blue ocean market, characterized by high demand and relatively few players. Two of the top 10 shops selling health and fitness supplements were new on the list: Ekkovision (Top 9), Clean Nutra (Top 10).

    EchoTik Data Insights: Recently, sales of health products and fitness supplements constantly growing on TikTok US. Among them, top shops have repeatedly entered the TikTok Shop US top 10 weekly list.

    By selling various types of nutritional health products and fitness supplements, many TikTok shops have already broken through several million dollars in GMV, with the top shop RYSE Supplements made nearly $9 million in two months, expected to exceed $10 million within 60 days.

                                 TikTok Shop Data Analysis

                                                      01 Basic Data

    Since its entry in November, RYSE Supplements has made a total of 325,600 sales, an estimated GMV of $9.66 million.

    The shop has 22 active sales products in the last 30 days. The higher GMV categories include Food Supplement, Health-other, and Drinks.

    The shop's hot-selling products include creatine, protein powder, energy drinks, etc., with prices ranging from $11.99-$69.99, averaging $38.89. Based on sales trends, these products are still continuously growing. These products mainly provide more energy for fitness enthusiasts, increase their exercise endurance, thereby enhancing their training effects, and improving muscle dimension.

                                            02 Shop Operation

    The shop's primary marketing strategy is through batch influencer and short video marketing. In the last 30 days,475short videos were produced, attracting 24.2 million exposures to the shop.

    The shop has connected with a total of 431 influencers on TikTok, including 410 short video influencers and 23 live streaming influencers. The fan base varies greatly, with top-tier influencers having 35.7 million followers and a number of million followers level, mainly consisting of mid-tier influencers (10-100 million) and lower-tier influencers (<10 million).

    Influencer demographic shows that most influencers are middle-aged, with a balanced gender distribution. Most of them are male health influencers and female Beauty & Personal Care influencers. Their main purpose for buying supplements is to enhance fitness training effects, so most influencers have working out habit and are keen to share their fitness routines on TikTok.

    In addition to regular influencer marketing, the shop's founder @brettwestover is also very adept at managing personal story and short video marketing. RYSE Supplements has opened multiple marketing accounts on TikTok, including a brand account and the founder's personal account, maximizing traffic coverage. As of December 30, RYSE's shop account @ryse_supps and founder @brettwestover have a total of 430,000 followers on TikTok.

    @brettwestover is a fitness influencer who has been sharing his fitness Vlogs on platforms like YouTube/Instagram/TikTok before founding RYSE, maintaining active internet content creation. Most of his followers are fitness enthusiasts, looking to learn fitness experience and recommendations for fitness equipment and supplements from Brett, thus building a trust foundation for the RYSE brand.

    Recently, the short video converting most sales from Brett was posted on November 14, during the Black Friday period. In the 30-second video, he introduced RYSE's protein powder at a promotion price (only $16) and its ten more flavors. Unlike past protein powders that were hard to swallow due to bad taste, RYSE made their protein powders in dessert flavors, including chocolate, muffin cake, cinnamon, and even gingerbread for Christmas, the experience of drinking protein powder is comparable to milk tea. In the video, Brett also recommended flavors based on personal preferences, loyal customers also discussed their favorite flavors in the comments. This video eventually estimated to convert nearly 300 direct transactions for RYSE.

    Like most local DTC small brands, RYSE adopts multiple sell channels. It has a independent brand site, multiple traditional e-commer channels including Amazon, and uses social media platforms like Facebook/Instagram/TikTok for product traffic.

    On TikTok, besides opening a shop for direct in-app transactions, RYSE also posted a link to its independent site on its homepage, along with a discount code to drive traffic. Users can choose their favored shopping platform to place orders.

               Sports Nutrition Supplements Seeing New Growth Worldwide

    In the post-pandemic era, the global sports supplement market size in 2022 is estimated to be $83.289 billion, expected to reach $111.6 billion by 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.0%. According to Mordor Intelligence research, the North American sports nutrition market is expected to have an annual compound growth rate of 11.67% during the forecast period.

    The sports nutrition products market is shifting from traditional male athletes to female and general consumers. Besides muscle-enhancing proteins, other nutrients are also increasingly gaining consumer attention.

    The new generation of athletes and active consumers are seeking products that can improve their physical and mental health, not just muscle-enhancing supplements. Consumers are looking for new benefits such as weight management, muscle recovery, joint support, cognitive/attention support, new ways of energy distribution, etc. On the other hand, these formulations are becoming increasingly popular among more mainstream active users.

    The demand for high protein is one of the main reasons why sports nutrition products are increasingly popular among everyday consumers. Additionally, the growing awareness of health, the increasing number of lifestyle places like health clubs, and changes in consumer preferences for nutrition products are the main drivers of the North American sports nutrition market.

    Furthermore, as millennials' preferences for the taste of sports nutrition products increase, companies are launching new products in various flavors and types. More than 70% of consumers are influenced by the taste of sports nutrition products when making purchase decisions. Today's consumers are strongly influenced by new flavors, seeking excitement and innovation. Innovative flavor products help manufacturers stand out in a competitive market. Main best-selling products include protein bars, protein powders, electrolyte sports drinks, etc.

    In the United States, major industry players include Glanbia, PepsiCo, CocaCola, Abbott, and Mondelez. However, RYSE's explosion on TikTok through a fitness influencer shows the public's high acceptance and tolerance of new brands, providing many insights for sellers who want to go international with sports dietary supplements. Sports nutrition supplements need to pass the US FDA certification to enter the platform, thus brands and sellers need to do well in qualification audits.

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