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    ·June 24, 2024
    ·6 min read

    As the Black Friday campaign trending on TikTok Shop U.S., an increasing number of categories have shown remarkable sales and growth.

    EchoTik’s data observation reveals that Baby & Maternity are hot-selling on TikTok Shop, representing a rapidly growing blue ocean market. Thanks to its star product, Tushbaby Hip Carrier, the brand shop Tushbaby became the first baby product shop to enter the Top 10 GMV list on TikTok Shop.

    TikTok Shop Data Analysis

     01 Basic Data 

    EchoTik found that since Tushbaby's baby product shop opened at the end of July, total sales have reached 42,900, totaling an estimated GMV of $3 million.

    According to sales growth trends, the sales have surged during Black Friday: the last 30 days are close to breaking 30,000 in sales, with an estimated GMV of nearly $1.95 million, accounting for over 90% of the total GMV, averaging nearly $70,000 in daily sales, highest daily sales exceeding 4,400 units.

    02 Trending Products

    The store has limited products, mainly baby hip carriers and baby strap, priced between $14 and $115, averaging nearly $47.

    The main audience for the store's products are mothers or families with infants aged 0-3 years. Take the store's top-selling hip carrier, for example; it's both a large-capacity waist bag and a secure seat for infants in their parents' arms. It helps parents with infants to easily carry baby items while ensuring the baby's comfort and safety. This hip carrier is available for individual purchase or as a bundle with baby straps from the store.

    As of November 24, this item had 39,600 sales, totaling a GMV of $2.84 million. In TikTok's 5-point user rating system, it scored 4.7, showing excellent performance. Many mothers have shared pictures in the product reviews, thanking the product for freeing their hands and alleviating back strain.

    03 Influencers and Content

    Currently, Tushbaby primarily uses short videos for product promotion, including store accounts and influencer invitations, to enhance store and product sales and exposure. In the last 30 days, 289 short videos were produced, bringing 42.3 million exposures to the store.

    The store on TikTok collaborates with 85 influencers, mainly mid-tier (followers between 100,000 to 1 million) and smaller influencers (followers less than 100,000).

    In terms of influencer demographics, most are middle-aged mothers, focusing on babies and pregnant women, followed by home-related influencers, like those for Kitchenware, Home Supplies, etc.

    In addition to inviting influencers to promote products, Tushbaby also focuses on operating its shop account, which helps directly reach customers and potential buyers.

    According to EchoTik statistics, the store account @tushbabyshop has experienced rapid follower growth and traffic on TikTok since it started running in July. As of November 23, the account has over 330,000 followers and over 22 million likes, with an ER (Engagement Rate) of 15.89% and a high like-to-follower ratio of 65.8, indicating that the account's content deeply attracts its target audience.

    In terms of short video content, most videos are standard narrations, revolving around influencers or buyers sharing their comfortable experiences using Tushbaby's hip carrier or strap products. Mothers talk about the comfort of using the product while out with their babies, expressing regret for not discovering it sooner.

    Brand founder Tammy Rant excels at creative marketing. The account's most-watched video took place at Disneyland. Tammy saw a mother struggling to carry her child and immediately offered her the brand's star product. After trying the hip carrier, the mother's face lit up with a relaxed smile and praised its comfort. In the video's end, the founder gifted the product to the mother.

    This one-minute video received 31 million exposures and 4.3 million likes on TikTok. In the comments, many comments praised the brand's kindness. One suggested, "Hope your next marketing campaign is a co-branded version with Disney," while a customer expressed gratitude: "I really use this product every day; you're my lifesaver!"

    With broad traffic and a precise potential customer pool, brand sales conversion becomes easier, especially during promotional events. The account's recent highest-selling video is from a promotional notification. Founder Tammy informed everyone that now is the best time to purchase Tushbaby at a low price on TikTok, explaining the reason. Many mothers eagerly shared their successful bargain hunting in the comments section.

    According to the brand's official website, Tushbaby's founding team consists of three women—Sara and Tommy as founders, and Riley as the creative director. They share a common trait—being both mothers and female entrepreneurs. As women and mothers, they deeply understand the hardships and challenges of caring for newborns, which resonates with customers. Based on their personal life experiences, they invented the hip carrier as a niche trending product, accumulating loyal customers in the baby product market through innovative thinking and content marketing.

    Opportunities for Baby & Maternity on TikTok

    In 2021, the global baby product market size was $214.13 billion, expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7% from 2022 to 2030.

    One of the main factors for market expansion is the consumer preference shift towards high-quality, practical, and premium baby products. Additionally, parents' increased awareness of infant health also drives market development. Statistics show that the most commonly tried products in stores include car seats (24%), strollers (21%), bottles (14%), travel gear (13%), and clothing and diapers (12% each).

    Moreover, young mothers value their well-being while caring for their children, seeking products that reduce parenting stress or provide postpartum care. Such products include smart parenting gadgets (growing by 26%), baby health trackers (40% growth), wound recovery products (44% growth), and breast pumps (25% growth).

    On TikTok, more young parents start to record and share their children's growth, including adorable and funny moments. Related hashtags have hundreds of millions to billions in exposure, like #baby, #babylove, and #cute, thereby driving the hot sales of baby products on TikTok.

    Young mothers also enjoy exchanging and sharing parenting experiences on TikTok. Under community tags like #mom, #momhack, and #momlife, many mothers share their parenting stories and happy moments, bringing good traffic and interaction for creators.

    For brands or sellers in the Baby & Maternity category looking to establish brand recognition or achieve sales conversions, Tushbaby's founding team's operating methods can serve as a reference. Sellers may find their niche products and fully utilize TikTok's community advantages to open up their new market.

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