Halloween Tags on TikTok Exceed 10 Billion Views, How Does Brand Owners and Sellers Capitalize on Festival Marketing? | EchoTik Trend Insights

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·5 min read

    Weekly E-commerce Data of TikTok Shop U.S. (10/16-22) is out, details as follows:

    Total GMV of Last week reached$26.5 million, with$3.8 million average daily order rate, highest single-day rate hitting$5.9 million.

    Until October 22nd, the top 5 GMV product categories were: Beauty & Personal Care, Women's Clothing, Mobiles & Electronics, Collectibles, and Health.

    The health category saw rapid growth this week. A non-prescription drug for detoxification and intestinal digestion entered the week list for the first time with a GMV of$216,000,ranking 7th.

    Top 10 bestselling products include "Shadow Work Journal", which has been on the list for four consecutive weeks.

    New entrants to the list include Freeze Dried Rainbow Krunchies Candy (Top 5), Cross Leged Office Chair (Top 6), Digestive Non-prescription Drug (Top 7), and Women's Sportswear Set (Top 8). Bestselling categories tend to be diverse.

    Halloween is approaching. Whimsical dark and ghostly cultures are the current trends of TikTok, entertaining and driving platform consumption.

    TikTok's community event "Spooky Season" is in full swing. The tag #Spookyseason has received over200 billion views, followed bybillions of exposures for other trending festival tags, including #halloweenmakeup, #halloweencostume, and #tiktokhalloween.

    Halloween is a traditional Western holiday celebrated on November 1st of the year. The festive atmosphere begins in mid-October and lasts until early November. Families will purchase pumpkins, ghosts, black cats themed festive goods, including household decorations, daily necessities, and foods to decorate their homes and invite friends for parties.

    People also buy festive costumes, cosplay outfits and accessories. Makeup influencers share their Halloween looks, and users tend to post their creations on social media accounts including TikTok, attracting a large amount of free traffic and discussion.

    On TikTok, an interest-based e-commerce platform, how can brand owners and cross-border sellers capture the marketing dividends brought by festive topics? We have compiled recent popular product cases, as well as related popular creative materials (special effects, music, tags, etc.), to explore marketing inspiration.

    The clothing category on Global TikTok Shop has always been the most popular category and consistently in the GMV Top 3. This women's pajama is the top-selling Halloween product, priced at $4.09. It made 87,400 sales in 30 days, mainly due to video marketing through manycooperating influencers, total views over130 million.

    Thevideo shooting techniques of this seller are rather simple and easy to replicate. Contents mainlyinvolve unboxing, trying on, and presenting the effects on the body. Most influencers are young, stylish, and slender females. For example, influencer@funnyb_28's video introduces the pajamas in about a minute.

    The low ATV and cost-effectiveness are the product's promotional features. The store often emphasizes the product's low price in video scripts to attract customers. Such videos are easy to produce and cost-friendly, making a great example for sellers in similar categories.

    Clothing is a way for young people to express their personalities. In our previous articles, we analyzed the viral marketing case of the "Pickle Sweatshirt" (link viewable at the end of the article). TheHalloween Eras Tour sweatshirtfrom the custom women's clothing storeL and A Creationsreflects the power of fandom in promoting clothing sales.

    Recently, global superstar Taylor Swift's Era Tour is trending Europe and America. This sweatshirt combines Halloween and Taylor's design elements, morphing Taylor's images from different eras into little ghosts as printed pictures and selling them to fans.

    Influencer@brooklyn2.0 posted a T-shirt promotion video and added celebrity tag #TaylorSwift, concert tag #ErasTour, and Halloween tags to expandexposure, receivingeffective sales conversion.

    Other than celebrities, some cartoon IPs also leverage festivals or popular events to attract traffic and remain active.

    The Snoopy Halloween-themed sweatshirt received high traffic and conversion through batch release of low-cost short videos, gathering around10,000sales, with a GMV of$245,190. The lesson from this case is that capturing popular online topics and cultivating internet savviness can effectively help brands and products to explore overseas markets.

    As a wrap up, we summarize the new features launched by TikTok official and popular video materials for Halloween event. There are still opportunities to boost sales in the next few days:

    01Popular Effects(searchable on TikTok mobile)

    #TikTokHalloween effects special filter

    Feature 1: "random Halloween eyeliner"/"random Halloween face" can generate eyeliners and tattoos on the face.

    Feature 2: "horror halloween filter" distorts faces in the video into scary ghost faces, suitable for creating horror-themed content.

    02Popular Music

    Look What You Made Me Do - one of the most popular Taylor Swift songs among Generation Z;

    Halloween Theme - theme song from the movie "Halloween";

    Paint the Town Red - Doja Cat's lead song from her new album released in August 2023.

    03Popular Tags

    General: #Spookyseason (Event tag); #TikTokHalloween; #Halloween

    #HalloweenDecor (Halloween decorations)

    #HalloweenCostume (Halloween costumes)

    #HalloweenMakeup (Halloween makeup)

    #SpookyTreats (Halloween snacks)

    #TerrorSwift (A tag linking Halloween and Taylor Swift)



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