High margin ‘Dragon Egg’ Toys trending on TikTok, US shop earns nearly $ 1 Million revenue with 3D Printing! | EchoTik Product Insight

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·3 min read

    Recently, collectible toys have seen rapid sales growth on TikTok, many 3D printed figure toys emerging as hot sellers. Among them, ‘dragon’ themed toys, including dragon egg blind boxes and various dragon models, are trending.

    The top 1 GMV in collectible category over the past 30 days is this 3D printed 「Colorful Dragon Egg + Dragon」 toy set. Total sales reached 72,800, and as of December 18th, the estimated GMV reached around $457,000! Such product received a 4.9-star rating, performing exceptionally well.

    This product is priced at $19, equivalent to about 136 RMB, while a similar model wholesales for about 36 RMB on 1688, only a small fraction of the retail price!

    The product is mainly marketed through influencer short videos, supplemented by live streaming. Since its launch, a total of 51 short videos have been produced and 11 live streams have been held, bringing in 33 million exposures, an estimated GPM (Gross Merchandise Value per thousand video views) of $13.33.

    There are 53 connected influencers for this product on TikTok in total. From the influencer demographic, most are women, primarily in the 「collectible」 category. They share a common interest — collecting 3D printed toys.

    The short video content mainly consists of unboxing and toy demonstrations, with simple shooting techniques and good conversion effects. Top influencer @thefreckledzelda has over 8 million followers on TikTok. She likes to cosplay as elf-like characters, with a distinctive appearance and makeup, attracting a large number of fans who into 「ACG」 culture.

    While promoting the 「dragon egg」, she dressed as a dragon lady, placed the dragon egg blind box in the garden, and pretended to find it by accident. After opening the dragon egg, she shows everyone the dragon toy inside. This 23-second video attracted over 7 million browsers, 15,500 likes, and brought in an estimated GMV of nearly $2,600 for the product.

    Not only a lot of influencers promote the product, but the shop’s own account @PYE Games also maintains regular content updates. According to the account’s description, PYE Games is a US local shop specializing in 3D printed model toys. On TikTok, the shop account has already attracted over 150,000 loyal followers.

    The shop owner independently designs model toys, and makes them into blind boxes, ornaments, or accessories like earrings for sale on TikTok. The account’s content updates mainly revolve around product launches. The dragon egg and dragon-themed products are the store’s bestsellers.

    Recently, a lot of dragon egg-themed products have emerged on TikTok Shop, mainly priced between $15 and $35. Some specially designed 「crystal dragon eggs」 even sold for $57, an estimated total GMV of $222,000. The audience for these dragon egg toys is mainly young people who love collecting toys, predominantly women. In addition to personal use and collection, some people also buy them as Christmas gifts for relatives, younger family members, or children.

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