Home wellness has become a fashion trend, foot massagers on TikTok U.S. generated $1.3 million GMV in 30 days! | EchoTik Product Insight

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·7 min read

    TikTok Shop U.S. e-commerce data weekly (11/27–12/03):

    l Last week’s total GMV reached $79.6 million, a decrease from the previous week’s Black Friday online event; daily average orders amounted to $11.4 million;

    l As of November 27, the GMV Top 5 product categories were: Beauty & Personal Care, Womenswear, Phones & Electronics, Sports & Outdoor, health;

    l Sales and GMV of sports and health products continued to grow rapidly this week. Long-lasting top-sellers include home fitness equipment, nutritional supplements, and home beauty devices. Additionally, foot massagers have recently seen rapid sales growth, breaking into the top 10 GMV for the first time.

    According to EchoTik, “home beauty and wellness” has recently become a fashion trend on TikTok.

    The U.S. domestic household application shop Giantex recently joined TikTok Shop U.S., and as of December 6, the top-selling product in the store for the month — — home foot massager generated an estimated total GMV of over $1.3 million!

    TikTok Shop Data Analysis:

    01 Basic Data

    According to EchoTik, since its launch in November, Giantex has around 35,000 sales, with an estimated GMV of $3.81 million.

    The store’s product category mainly consists of large home goods. Over the past 30 days, more than half of the store’s sales have come from personal care devices, followed by home storage products, accounting for about 20% of the store’s total sales.

    02 Top Selling Products:

    The store’s main products are large home goods, with hot-selling items including massage devices, storage cabinets, kitchen appliances, and children’s toys. Product prices range from $15 to $359, with an average price of $108.

    The store’s top-selling product is foot massager. According to the product description, it mimics the movements of human hands to effectively relieve soreness and tension in the feet, calves, and ankles. The massager comes with a remote control, allowing users to choose different massage settings according to their needs.

    As of December 5, this product is priced at $101.53, with a total of 15,700 sales and a total GMV of $1.3 million. It received a 4.7 out of 5 rating in TikTok’s user rating system, performing exceptionally well. It’s target customers are the general public who experience foot fatigue and tension after long periods of standing, walking, or exercising, as well as those who need to relieve limb nerve pain. In addition to personal and family use, it is also a suitable health gift for family and friends.

    03 Influencer and Marketing Strategies

    Giantex mainly promotes products through short videos, including store account and influencer invitations, supplemented by live streaming. Since joining, Giantex has produced 1000 short videos, participated in 74 live streams, creating 28,100 sales and an estimated GMV of $3.1 million.

    The shop collaborates with 512 TikTok influencers, including 472 short video influencers and 41 live stream influencers, covering influencers of all fan bases. The top tier influencer has nearly 10 million followers. As a quality home goods shop with years of brand reputation and credibility in North America, top tier influencers are willing to promote their products.

    Influencer demographic shows most influencers are women, especially middle-aged women who enjoy sharing their daily life and shopping experiences, however, the proportion of male influencers is also increasing. Influencer categories mainly include Beauty & Personal Care, followed by womenswear, Phones & Electronics, Kitchenware.

    Influencer @simplysammyk demonstrated in a 15-second short video how the massager helps relieve foot and calf pain and discomfort from 12 hours of work, presenting an enjoyable facial expression, earning 14.5 million views, 323,100 likes, 20,500 shares, and over 1,800 comments, with an estimated sales of 6,000! The comments section shows that users are interested in the massager, not only for personal use but also as gifts for partners and mothers. One user commented, “With this machine, who needs romantic?”

    The foot massager meets the demands of a wide audience, including tired office workers and young women who wear high heels. Influencer @Nina.r.reed demonstrated in a 50-second video how she quickly removes her 10 cm high heels at home and enjoys the comfort of the massager. Her exaggerated body language and expressions made the video widely shared, resonating with other women who also wear high heels. The video is estimated to have generated 3,000 sales.

    Influencer @savagemomlife, with 5.7 million followers, is a passionate mother who loves sharing her latest finds of good products on social media, attracting many followers who also manage house incomes and purchasing home goods. She has her own tags: #savagesurprise, #shopwithsavage.

    In a 4-minute video, she shared a variety of products bought from TikTok Shop during Black Friday, putting the Giantex foot massager first and describing its real-life massage simulation, transferring into 645 sales and an estimated GMV of $29,000.

    She mentioned, “TikTok Shop is irresistible,” attracting interactions in the comments section expressing love for TikTok Shop.

    Home wellness is becoming a global trend

    According to the Mental Health Foundation UK, in 2018, 74% of people experienced overwhelming stress and were unable to cope. Similarly, the American Psychological Association found that 77% of Americans frequently experience physical symptoms caused by stress, including fatigue, headaches, stomach discomfort, muscle tension, grinding teeth, and dizziness. Additionally, 73% experience psychological symptoms from stress, such as irritability, anger, and tension. Therefore, people are actively seeking ways to relieve stress and physical discomfort.

    On TikTok, many influencers share their daily body care, maintenance, and relaxation routines, reflecting their healthy lifestyle and balance between work and life.

    Popular tags like #dailyroutine, #cosy, and #wellness have billions to tens of billions of views, driving demand for related home personal care and health products on TikTok Shop.

    Under the #wellness tag, users share their daily routines and habits to maintain physical and mental health, such as taking supplements, eating organic food, drinking water, regular exercise, meditation, and massage. These products have garnered significant attention.

    In this context, the market size for massage devices is rapidly growing globally. In 2021, the global massage equipment market was valued at $65.354 billion and is expected to reach $150.836 billion by 2031, with a predicted CAGR of 8.9% from 2022 to 2031.

    Electric massage devices are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S., including massage chairs/sofas, back massagers, handheld massage devices, and neck and shoulder massagers. This is due to the sedentary modern lifestyle of the working population leading to numerous physical ailments, including back and body pain. With the online promotion of the healthcare industry, consumer awareness of the availability and benefits of electric massagers has increased, and they are more concerned about their physical health. They believe electric massagers can help relieve muscle and joint pain and prevent and alleviate related diseases.

    Furthermore, the global aging population is a major factor driving the growth of the home massager market. The U.S. National Institutes of Health confirmed that 8.5% of the global population is over 65 years old. Additionally, the world population is aging at an unprecedented rate, with this proportion expected to increase to nearly 17% by 2050. According to research published by the American Massage Therapy Association, massage is a panacea for most age-related health problems, helping with issues related to dementia, blood pressure, osteoarthritis, body pain, and stiffness. Therefore, many elderly are loyal customers of massage devices, which are often given as gifts to older family members.

    Currently, home massagers are becoming more popular on TikTok. In addition to the analyzed foot massagers, other small, portable massagers such as eye massagers, neck and shoulder massagers, and fascia guns have also attracted much attention, but most products recommended by influencers come from external sites like Amazon. The niche market on TikTok Shop is far from saturated, presenting a good opportunity for market

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