Homelika's TikTok Success: $10M GMV in 2 Months!

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·7 min read

    TikTok Shop US e-commerce weekly data (12.25-12.31):

    l Last week's total GMV was $72.5 million, a 4.8% increase from the previous week; daily average was $10.4 million;

    l The top 5 GMV categories last week were: Beauty & Personal Care ($14.5M,20.02%),Womenswear ($8.75M12.09%),Sports & Outdoors ($5.26M7.27%),Health ($4.94M6.82%),and Household Appliances ($3M, 4.15%).

    l The home category has maintained continuous growth recently. Three of the Top 10 stores selling home appliances made the list: Sweet Furniture (Top 1), Homeika US (Top 2), Smug Furniture (Top 5). The first two stores have been on the list for several weeks in a row and are the only two stores this week with weekly sales exceeding one million dollars.

    EchoTik Data Insights: The Household Appliances category has become increasingly popular recently in the TikTok Shop US. Common trendy products include large furniture (cabinets, home tables and chairs, etc.), home textiles, and decorations. We previously  analyzed the sales strategy of Sweet Furniture, the top 1 GMV shop last week.

    This week, the shop we are analyzing along with its hot products is Homeika US, a local house appliance shop recently established on TikTok US and ranked Top 2 in the over $1 million GMV shop list last week.​

    Homeika US is an emerging vacuum cleaner brand belonging to the technology company Top Housewares INC. It has a large factory and a complete supply chain in the US and experience with traditional e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart, as well as its own independent site. Recently, it opened a shop on the TikTok platform and has seen stable sales growth over the past few months, performing well.

                      TikTok Shop Data Analysis

                                            01 Basic Data

    Since its entry in October, Homeika US has over 100,000 sales, with an estimated GMV of $9.14 million.

    Over 90% of the shop's GMV comes from the home appliance category, a highly specialized selection. In terms of product distribution, the shop sells 5 types of home cleaning appliances for different scenarios, with prices ranging from $24.99 to $199.99, targeting a mid-to-high ATV range.

    The in-store products include two home vacuum cleaners, a bathroom cleaner, a pet hair remover, and a car vacuum cleaner. The sales trend shows a high growth spike during the year-end transition, ranking Top 2 in the GMV shop list for the last week of the year.

                                          02 Hot Products

    The stop's top-selling product is a $199.99 high suction home vacuum cleaner. According to the product description, it has a suction power of 20Kpa, while general American home vacuum cleaners only have 8Kpa-16Kpa. The strong suction power brings higher cleaning efficiency.

    Furthermore, the product comes with interchangeable heads, speed adjustment, and extendable length features, allowing it to clean narrow spaces with different size attachments, various materials at different speeds, and catering to different scenarios with adjustable length. It also has a display screen that informs the user of the device status and remaining energy, providing a convenient and efficient user experience.

    As of January 2, this product has over 70,000 sales, a total GMV of $6.31 million, accounting for over 70% of the shop's total GMV. It received a 4.4 out of 5 rating on TikTok's user rating system, performing exceptionally well. The target audience includes middle-aged men and women, housewives, etc.

    Recently, this product was on a promotional sale, offered at $84.99 post-Christmas, less than half its original price. Paired with the American winter holiday season, the New Year, and Christmas, families often have holiday parties, leading to a high demand for home cleaning. The product successfully caught a tailwind at the end of the year.

    According to EchoTik observation, the product's sales remained stable at over 900 per day after Christmas and surged to 3,120 single-day on New Year's Eve, ranking Top 1 in the product weekly list for the last week of the year.

                      03 Marketing Strategy and Influencers

    Homeika US mainly promotes its products and visibility through batch influencer invitations for short video marketing and supportive live-streaming. Since its establishment, the stop has produced 2,100 short videos and participated in 47 live streams, attracting 81 million exposures to the shop.

    The stop has collaborated with up to 1,300 influencers on TikTok, including 18 live influencers, covering all fan bases from Top 100 to ten-thousand-level small influencers. The top-tier influencer has over ten million followers, and there is a considerable number of influencers in each fan level segment, showing a wide-reaching layout.

    The influencer demographic shows that most are middle-aged women or family accounts, more than half being in the Beauty & Personal Care and womenswear categories, and the rest spread across Home Appliances, Home Supplies, Electronics, etc. Middle-aged women in the US often responsible for household cleaning thus have a stable demand for such products, they are Homeika US's target customers.These typo accounts like to share daily family life or explain life experiences and vent about life's trivialities on TikTok. Their content is closely related to daily life, and the filming often takes place in their homes, easily integrating vacuum cleaner usage scenarios to resonate with the public.

    Homeika US usually makes marketing videos one to several minutes long, consisting of unboxing videos or simple product feature introductions, including product appearance displays, feature highlights, usage recordings, etc. They incorporate various home usage scenarios to showcase the product's unique functions and advantages over similar products.

    @callmecollins.hdc, a female content creator who specializes in sharing daily life, posted a humorous video about two minutes long. Starting with a humorous rant about the post-holiday cleanup, she resonated with many housewives. She then thoroughly introduced the vacuum cleaner's unique features and user pain points, demonstrating its operation process in different scenarios, such as cleaning narrow spaces and adjusting suction power for various materials. The video, emphasizing the product as an excellent Christmas gift, attracted 520,000 views,4,000likes, and 186 sales conversions, performing excellently.

    Influencer @furniturebyfara, with 400,000 followers, focuses on electronic products. Her 1.5-minute unboxing video, titled "The Perfect Holiday Gift!," humorously reassured viewers that they might already be familiar with the product in the opening of the video, suggesting its popularity. She detailed the product's appearance and highlighted another unique selling point – its fast charging and long battery life. She used the same method as the previous influencer to quickly highlight the product's features in everyday scenarios, resulting in 30,000 views and 99 sales conversions, showing precise targeting of the audience.

    Vacuum cleaners, as essential household cleaning items, are almost indispensable in North American daily family life. People not only have a huge demand toward such products but they also cater to a broad audience, making them a popular choice for international product selection.

    Taking Dyson as an example, a popular intelligent cleaning brand in recent years, it achieved significant market success with its wireless vacuum cleaners. Dyson's successful branding ensured that all subsequent products received a traffic boost, increasing brand exposure and expanding its customer base. This also allowed for a higher premium on their products, showcasing the branding potential of such products and their global reach from Singapore.

    The success of Homeika US shows that in the marketing of home appliances, extracting problem-solving product features can easily resonate with the public and demonstrate advantages over similar products, making marketing content more persuasive and achieving sales conversions. The traffic bonus during holidays and special periods also acts as a catalyst for sales. Sellers with strong supply chain capability can refer to this case for international product selection or content creation.

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