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    ·June 24, 2024
    ·7 min read

    TikTok Shop U.S. E-commerce data weekly (11/20–26):

    Last week’s total GMV reached a historic peak of $159 million, marking the first time TikTok U.S. has achieved a weekly turnover of over $100 million. The daily average orders amounted $16.6 million, with the highest single-day reaching $28.2 million;

    As of November 19, the GMV Top 5 product categories were: Beauty & Personal Care, Womenswear, Phones & Electronics, Sports & Outdoor, health;

    Beauty & Personal Care products saw a continuous growth in sales and GMV this week, hot items including curling irons, hair combs, lipsticks, lip balms, and fragrances. There was also a significant increase in sales of home and portable beauty devices;

    Due to the cold weather in North America, seasonal womenswear became hot sellers on TikTok Shop, mainly including long-sleeved tops, pants, yoga outfits, and hooded dresses;

    Sales of Sports & Outdoor products, as well as Health products, also soared. The main hot products revolved around home fitness equipment, sportswear, and fitness and nutritional supplements, including home treadmills, steppers, sportswear, protein powders, and digestive health products.

    According to EchoTik data, sports and fitness have become a hot trend on TikTok. Many influencers share their fitness routines, and numerous users have set goals for discipline and weight loss for 2024. This demand has led to the popularity of sports-related products on TikTok Shop.

    In November, we analyzed the marketing routine of the Chinese fast-fashion brand Halara on TikTok Shop’s North American site.

    This week, EchoTik data shows that small, easily storable home fitness equipment, such as mini underdesk treadmill, has seen rapidly increasing sales on TikTok Shop, indicating an untapped market with few sellers.

    The U.S. local brand store DeerRun leveraged its star product, the mini underdesk treadmill, has an estimated GMV of over $1.06 million since its launch on TikTok Shop on November 1 until November 26.

    TikTok Shop Data Analysis:

    01 Basic Data

    According to EchoTik, since its launch in November, DeerRun has created a total of 12,900 sales, an estimated GMV of $2.14 million.

    The shop experienced rapidly growing sales during Black Friday, especially from mid to late November. According to EchoTik data, the shop has 23 sales on October 27, 2023, and 995 sales on November 25, 2023, an increase of 4226.09%.

    02 Trending Products

    The shop’s main product is the mini underdesk treadmill, priced between $169 and $399, an average of nearly $251.

    DeerRun’s primary audience is women with fitness demands. Its star product is the home underdesk folding treadmill, which offers a variety of home workout scenarios, including regular running and walking modes, and a work mode where it can be placed under a height-adjustable or standing desk. This allows users to walk while working, avoiding long periods of sitting and providing light exercise. The treadmill is more compact and space-efficient than traditional models, easily foldable to fit under a sofa or against a wall, making it suitable for small apartments.

    As of November 27, the product had a total of 9,400 sales and a total GMV of $1.54 million. In TikTok’s 5-star rating system, it received a 4.4-star rating, performing exceptionally well. Many women users commented that the treadmill allows them to exercise while watching TV or working, saving time and making exercise less tedious.

    03 Influencer and Marketing Strategies

    DeerRun primarily uses short videos for product promotion, including store account and influencer invitations, to increase store and product visibility and sales. Over the past 30 days, they have produced 292 short videos, generating close to 1 million exposures for the store.

    The store collaborates with 113 TikTok influencers, including 106 short video influencers and 13 live stream influencer. Most influencers are mid-tier (with followers ranging from 100,000 to one million) and lower-tier (with less than 100,000 followers).

    According to Influencer demographic, Influencers are mostly middle-aged women, particularly office workers and women seeking weight loss and body shaping. The main categories focus on Beauty & Personal Care, followed by womenswear, and Sports & Outdoor mains.

    In terms of demonstration and content creation, the shop typically showcased products through unboxing and trial use videos.

    Addressing potential buyers’ safety concerns, influencer @Karincy_126 created a video of her mother trying out the mini treadmill. She used the remote control to help her mother gradually adapt to the treadmill. In the 56-second video, her mother went from struggling to balance to comfortably “running” on the treadmill, entertaining many viewers. This video created nearly 900 sales.

    @michaelasoctt, a female influencer with 200,000 followers, mainly promotes Beauty & Personal Care products. When promoting the DeerRun treadmill, she made use of the current Christmas holiday marketing trend, showing herself watching Christmas movies in a festively decorated cozy apartment while using the treadmill for a slow walk workout. Her slim and healthy physique added credibility to the treadmill’s slimming effect. This 34-second video resulted in nearly 400 sales conversions.

    Like most local DTC (direct-to-consumer) brands, DeerRun adopts a multi-channel sales approach. They have a brand-independent site and sell on multiple platforms, including Amazon and Walmart, using social media like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for product traffic.

    On TikTok, DeerRun has an official account for product promotion as well and has added a Linktree multi-channel collection site with discount codes on their homepage. Customers can choose their preferred shopping platform to place orders.

    In terms of pricing control, the product price is uniform under normal circumstances. If there is a recent promotion on each platform, prices are adjusted accordingly. Due to the recent Black Friday event on TikTok Shop’s U.S. site and the platform’s subsidies for new sellers, DeerRun announced the lowest price across all platforms on TikTok Shop, attracting more customers to place orders there.

    The sports and fitness industry is experiencing growth on TikTok

    In the post-pandemic period, the global sports and fitness industry has encountered two new opportunities: an increase in personal health awareness and disposable income, leading to significant market growth, and the fast-paced urban lifestyle with fragmented leisure time, making home fitness an appealing supplement to outdoor activities.

    According to Statista, the global fitness equipment market size is expected to reach $16.04 billion in 2022, with a projected CAGR of 5.3% from 2023 to 2030.

    North America dominated the market in 2022, accounting for over 33% of the global fitness equipment industry revenue. This is due to growing consumer health consciousness and emphasis on healthy lifestyles. Additionally, the region’s high obesity or overweight population also drives industry demand. Apart from individual health consciousness, governments are also raising public health awareness through legislation and regulations.

    In the U.S., the growth of the home cardiovascular training equipment industry is driving market expansion. The high demand for aerobic exercise equipment, such as stationary bikes, rowing machines, and treadmills, to maintain heart health is expected to drive the demand for fitness equipment in the country.

    TikTok has become an important community for people to share fitness experiences and weight loss processes. Having a healthy and toned body is becoming a status symbol in North America. Relevant hashtags like #Fitness, #workout, #bodybuilding, and #sports have reached billions of views and engagements. In the community, users can follow professional fitness instructors or be inspired by overweight individuals documenting their successful weight loss journeys. By maintaining long-term interaction with followers, they establish a reliable professional image and good relationships, winning the trust of their fans. Consequently, products promoted by these influencers easily gain trust endorsements.

    In addition to the mini treadmill analyzed above, other portable home fitness equipment, such as steppers and dumbbells, have also achieved good sales conversions on TikTok. Currently, these home fitness equipment brands have not yet established a strong presence on TikTok, indicating an untapped market with opportunities for new sellers. Non-fitness equipment sellers can also consider adding sports scenarios to their regular products (like portable water bottles) to gain more traffic and conversions on TikTok.

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