Pickle Jars Sweatshirts sold ¥1.84 million in TikTok Shop US | TikTok Trends Insight

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·6 min read

    TikTok ShopUS e-commerce data weekly chart (10/02-08) has been released with the following information:

    - Last week's total GMV reached $22.3 million, with an average of $3.2 million in daily orders; among them, the highest sales were made on October 3, amounting to $6 million;

    - As of October 8, the GMV Top 5 product categories ranked in order: beauty and personal care, women's apparel, cell phones and electronics, collections, and kitchen supplies;

    - Collectibles is the fastest-growing category, with two small stores selling collectible cards making their debut in the Top 10 on the weekly list: HuntBreaks (Top 5), and AllPokeTCG (Top 8);

    - In the Hot Products list, the top four sellers, Shady Side Work Diary, Unbrush Hairbrush, PloppyDolly Shapewear, and Pickle Sweatshirt (unisex apparel) have been on the Top 10 list for two weeks in a row; and Vacuum Cleaner for Pets (pet supplies), Wash & Mop (home appliances), and Cat Scratching Board Cat Litter (pet supplies) have been on the Top 10 list for three weeks in a row;

    - An item that made its debut on the Top 10 weekly list: Sol de Janeiro Fat Burning Body Lotion.

    Today we analyze the Top 4 item in sales - Pickle Jars Sweatshirt. According toEchoTik, with a unit price of $44, this item has sold 43,000 units since it hit the shelves in July, with estimated sales of $1.84 million and an estimated gross margin of 30%-50%.

    It sells primarily through short-form videos, generating 103 videos contributing 1.5 million views in almost 30 days. The bandwagon conversion rate (item sales/video views) was 2.105 per 1,000 and the GPM (turnover per 1,000 video views) was a whopping $98.61.

    Just how hot is this sweatshirt on TikTok?

    The youngsters even built an exclusive hashtag for it, #picklesweatshirt, which has garnered nearly 220 million views so far! Related hashtags such as #pickle and #picklejar have seen a rapid increase in views and engagement as a result.

    Under this hashtag, many young people wore pickle jar jerseys and filmed 10-second short videos to express their attitude, "Everyone should have one as your pajamas."

    But how did "pickle jars" catch on? An influencer @cranberryraisin, posted a video asking this question. Once the video was released, it immediately attracted a lot of discussion, and people expressed their personalized opinions in the comments:

    "If he doesn't understand pickle sweatshirts, he doesn't deserve it. "

    "Pickles are an industry plant. "

    "If I wear this pickle sweatshirt every day, it'll smell like pickles after a week."

    Another influencer said, "I don't like pickles, I want a potato sweatshirt. Potatoes are delicious any way you cook them, they're legendary food. " Once again, it caused everyone to follow suit - some wanted bagel sweatshirts, others wanted Doritos sweatshirts. The pattern of the sweatshirt has become a way for young people to show off their individuality and personal preferences and to find similarities. People may not really like pickles, but this nonsensical trend to follow will be interesting to everyone.

    The company behind this hot item is also the same company that started the Pickle Sweatshirt. The TikTok Shop @Bad Addiction Boutique sells sweatshirts and t-shirts in a variety of prints, with items ranging from $5-$78 and an average price of $32.51. The Pickle Sweatshirt is the star product of the boutique. Around the pickle, the small store has also developed other derivative pattern products, such as Halloween pickle sweatshirts. If you are a POD seller, you may want to learn from this small shop's momentum and operation ideas.

    The official account of the shop has the same name as the store and has 230,000 followers on TikTok, harvesting 8.9 million likes, with a high likes/followers ratio of 38.6, which indicates that the influence of the account's content is stronger than the seller's. The main popular videos of the pickle sweatshirt are produced by the seller himself, who is very good at creating short videos and interacting with fans: once a creator wearing a pickle sweatshirt recorded a video, and was commented on by a person who said "You should have chosen a smaller size", and the seller was the first to reply on behalf of the influencer: my customer wear what she want to wear.

    This retort video also caused support from the majority of fans. Her attitude, in fact, indirectly expresses the emotional reasons why young people support and purchase pickle sweatshirts. I wear whatever I want and nobody can teach me about it!

    The popularity of pickle jar sweatshirts is no accident. It is essentially "meme culture".

    Saint Hoax, the creator of the popular emoji with 3 million Instagram followers, defines a meme as a medium that conveys cultural, social, or political expression, primarily through humor. Some linguists believe that humans have been using memes to communicate for centuries. meme is widely recognized as a channel for cultural exchange and an opportunity to participate in Internet trends.

    TikTok, with its large number of young people, has become a hotbed for the invention, creation, and spread of meme culture, which can transcend linguistic and cultural limitations and rapidly become popular around the world. For example, "Capybara" was very popular some time ago. In TikTok, it has its own BGM and special effects, and the trending hashtag #Capybara has been viewed by more than 8.9 billion people!

    On TikTok, one can see harmonious images of the capybara getting along with all the animals. Its naive and cute appearance, with brainwashing BGM, quickly became popular on TikTok, with many people sharing videos of capybara, and sellers creating products related to it.

    According to statistics, the main users of TikTok are between 18-34 years old, mainly young people. Understanding the local pop culture will help sellers and creators build a close relationship with the customer base, and EchoTik's suggestions and measures are as follows:

    1. Browse TikTok more often to cultivate a sense. Use EchoTik to learn about recent popular videos, popular music, and hashtags, and capture fast-rising trends;

    2. know how to capitalize on the trend and follow it. In terms of content creation and operation, you can "follow" recent trends. For example, under the label of pickle sweatshirt, there are sellers of "alcohol sweater" and "Halloween ghost sweater" to "borrow traffic";

    3. Focus on emotional expression and fan interaction. Increasing the interaction rate not only helps to further expand the traffic but also strengthens the emotional relationship with fans, increasing the shopping conversion rate and user loyalty;

    4. Pay attention to commercial copyright in the process of product selection and creation. Especially when it comes to IP-related products.

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