The Beachwaver achieves the top rank in the United States, with 100,000 sales and $5.47 million in GMV

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·4 min read

    The swift rise of social media over the last two decades has altered the ideal of beauty. The transformation has been so strong that any flaws are distressing to viewers. If you look closely at Instagram, you'll see that the vast majority of photographs not only have beautiful hair and complexion but also bore the imprint of filters and beauty applications. Millennials are leading parallel lives on social media and in real life, and this new norm is fuelling huge development in the worldwide hair products market.

    The North America Hairdressing Tools Market was valued at USD 1,918.67 million in 2020 and is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 1.66% during the forecast period (2021-2026), according to the data. However, the COVID-19 pandemic had a small influence on the North American hair styling products market, owing to embargo rules that had a considerable impact on beauty and hair salons. Nonetheless, demand for hair styling appliances for home usage has increased in this sector. The market is being driven by the advent of cordless and portable hair dryers to suit the desire for personal convenience.

    Men and women are becoming more concerned about their health, body image, self-grooming, and hygiene, which is driving market expansion. Recognising the value of holistic hair style and care regimens, as well as the rise of new fashion trends and the effect of social media on aesthetics, is projected to drive market expansion further. Companies are currently utilising social media extensively to market the low-cost and time-saving benefits of these items in order to convince modern consumers to pay for them by encouraging their "lazy" tendencies.

    According to the analysis of TikTok data analysis tool EchoTik (, TikTok's third-party data analytics platform, the one product that has recently led TikTok's e-commerce charts sold 104800 curling irons within 30 days of debut, raking in $5.47 million in GMV. How did its curling irons, which cost $54 per unit, manage to capture the entire TikTok North American market?

    As of now, a total of 1,200 short videos have been uploaded to TikTok to promote the Beachwaver curling wand, successfully attracting a large number of users to follow suit and purchase it. According to data analysis, each video on TikTok averages 123,900 views and more than 5,200 likes, sparking lively discussions among many netizens below the video.

    When these bloggers advertise their products, they depict the curling procedure from 0 to 1 and use catchphrases like "Easy," "Crazy," and "How to curl three different ways with a curling iron that goes all the way!"In the video, the blogger curls her hair using only one curling iron. The blogger was able to make flawless curls with just one hand in the video, causing many netizens to marvel and leave comments indicating that they had already made an order.

    The Beachwaver is a brand located in the United States that offers a wide choice of hair care and cosmetic products, as well as videos on how to care for your hair. The Beachwaver brand differentiates between "Shop" for all items, "Best Sellers" for trendy products, "Hair Quiz" to assist users in determining the best products for them, and "Learn" for learning about haircare. The "Learn" area assists customers in analysing the best items for them, and the "Shop" section assists customers in learning about nursing care, so that when they explore the website and gather information before purchase, they can see what they need at a glance and then move right to what they need to know.

    EchoTik is a tool platform that uses data analysis to study the cross-border e-commerce trends on TikTok.( ) .EchoTik is a third-party platform for analyzing international TikTok short videos and live e-commerce data. We have currently received angel round financing in the tens of millions. Based on big data and continuous exploration in the field of AI, EchoTik ( ) closely caters to user needs, driving product and service iteration and upgrades. We help global sellers, creators, MCNs, and brands to access easy marketing methods for short videos and live streaming rooms, enabling them to sell and promote products.

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