TikTok - Analyzing US Data with EchoTiK

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·4 min read

    TikTok is a short video social platform headquartered in Los Angeles and Singapore. It aims to allow users to express themselves through shooting and sharing short videos ranging from 15 to 60 seconds. TikTok has rapidly risen globally and has become one of the favorite social media platforms among young people.

    With a large number of TikTok users, particularly among the younger demographic, there is a growing interest in using TikTok for cross-border e-commerce. TikTok has quickly accumulated a massive user base in the United States and has gained attention and competition in the social media field.

    As the trend of expanding into international markets continues, more and more people are leveraging third-party data tools on TikTok to carve out their own market in the United States. Various third-party data tools have emerged, with Echotik ( being ranked as the top data tool for analyzing market statistics in the US. In the future, Echotik will also be used to analyze current situations in the US, making use of its data tools.

    1.Comprehensive Market in the United States:

    The United States is one of the largest cross-border e-commerce markets globally, with a vast consumer base and a mature e-commerce infrastructure.

    Why are more and more people paying attention to cross-border e-commerce in the United States?

    Diverse product selection: The US market offers a wide range of products, satisfying consumers’ demand for personalized and high-quality products.

    Price advantage: Due to factors such as exchange rates and market competition, some imported goods may have a competitive edge in terms of pricing compared to domestic products in the US market.

    Brand recognition: Certain internationally renowned brands enjoy high reputation and recognition in the United States, attracting consumer attention and desire for purchase.

    Meeting specific needs: Some specific products may be difficult to find locally, while cross-border e-commerce provides a convenient channel.

    2.Economic Trends in the US Market:

    Consumer demand: US consumers have a strong appetite for high-quality and diverse products, especially those that are hard to find or expensive domestically. They are willing to purchase products from around the world through cross-border e-commerce platforms.

    Cross-border e-commerce platforms: Amazon is one of the largest cross-border e-commerce platforms in the United States, offering a global selection of goods and convenient shopping experiences. The emergence of TikTok has added color to the US cross-border e-commerce market.

    Cross-border e-commerce policies: The US government maintains an open attitude towards the cross-border e-commerce market, encouraging the circulation of imported goods and implementing measures to simplify customs procedures and reduce tariffs.

    Market size: According to data, cross-border e-commerce sales in the United States reached $59.2 billion in 2020 and are projected to grow to $99.4 billion by 2025. This indicates a rapid growth trend in the US cross-border e-commerce market.As of the first half of 2023, there are approximately 150 million active TikTok users in the United States.

    3.Bestselling Products in the US Market in August:

    1. SneakERASERS️ White Shoe Cleaner: 10 PacDamp Duster - Home Dusting Tool Views39.8M:@sneakerasers

    2. Stall Smart Safety Tool Views:34.9M@stallsmartsafetyt

    3. Freeze Dried Candy - Air Crunch (Large) Views:29.5M@candeezeco

    4.Damp Duster - Home Dusting Tool Views:25.6M @Scrub Daddy

    In general, the US cross-border e-commerce market has tremendous potential and opportunities. The demand for diverse and high-quality products from consumers continues to grow, while advancements in technology and logistics provide better conditions for cross-border e-commerce. These factors have led to increasing attention and participation in US cross-border e-commerce activities. However, it also comes with challenges such as intense competition and regulatory changes. Therefore, it is crucial to leverage reliable data tools like EchoTiK to empower your success in the US cross-border e-commerce market. will continue to accompany you to explore the new opportunities of global video and live e-commerce, and provide you with TikTok related information and guidance on product selection and operation. Welcome to follow!


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