TikTok E-commerce Boom in the Philippines

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·5 min read

    In recent years, cross-border e-commerce has rapidly expanded to various countries, driving the global growth of e-commerce. As one of the important economies in Southeast Asia, the Philippines has shown a vibrant growth in its e-commerce market. This article will introduce the development trends of domestic and international e-commerce in the Philippines and analyze the current market situation. Additionally, we will utilize Echotik ( data tool to introduce some popular hot-selling products in the Philippine market.

    I. Development and Trends of Domestic and International E-commerce in the Philippines

    With the widespread use of smartphones and internet coverage, both domestic and international e-commerce markets have risen rapidly in the Philippines. In recent years, many large multinational e-commerce platforms have entered the Philippine market and achieved tremendous success. Moreover, social media platform TikTok has also ventured into the e-commerce field, sparking a “TikTok E-commerce” craze in the Philippines.

    Currently, several trends can be observed in the Philippine e-commerce market:

    1.Dominance of Mobile: The smartphone penetration rate is high in the Philippines, making mobile shopping a mainstream trend. Consumers can conveniently shop anytime and anywhere using their phones.

    2.Rise of Social Media E-commerce: Social media platforms such as TikTok and Facebook have become crucial channels for e-commerce in the Philippines. Through promotion and sharing on social media, businesses can reach potential customers more effectively.

    3.Expansion of Cross-border E-commerce Market: There is a growing demand among Filipino consumers for overseas products, leading to rapid growth in cross-border e-commerce market. Many well-known cross-border e-commerce platforms have entered the Philippine market, offering quality products and convenient shopping experiences.

    II. Current Status of E-commerce in the Philippines

    Currently, the e-commerce market in the Philippines is in a phase of rapid development. Here are some key data points:

    1.Continuous Growth: According to statistics from Echotik data tool, the number of influencers in the Philippines ranks among the top 5 in terms of distribution, with approximately 241.4K influencers. Incomplete statistics show that there are over 40 million internet users in the Philippines, with more than 90% using smartphones for online shopping.

    2.Youth Trend: The Philippines has a large population of young people aged between 15 and 34 years old. Consumers within this age group prioritize fashion, social media, and mobile shopping experiences. They rely on social media platforms to gather product information and make purchasing decisions. Therefore, e-commerce platforms need to focus on social media promotion and optimizing user experience on mobile devices within the Philippine market.

    3.Supply Chain and Logistics Improvements: The Philippine government is committed to improving the supply chain and logistics systems to enhance fast delivery rates of goods. This provides a better development environment for e-commerce platforms.

    III. Introduction to Hot-selling Products in the Philippines

    1.Beauty and Skincare Products: Filipino consumers place great emphasis on beauty and skincare, making beauty and skincare products highly popular in the market. For example, Y.O.U Hy! Amino AC-Ttack Anti-Acne Cleanser.

    Y.O.U Hy! Amino AC-Ttack Anti-Acne Cleanser is a 100g facial cleanser. It utilizes the formula of YOUH Amino Cleanser, providing a refreshing and comfortable feeling. When used for facial cleansing, it deeply cleanses pores, removes excess oil and dirt, while effectively preventing acne formation. Enriched with amino acid ingredients, it moisturizes the skin and maintains a balance between water and oil, giving you clear and radiant skin.

    This product has gained significant popularity in the market. According to data from Echotik’s product selection tool, it has accumulated over 17.5 million views, attracting attention and love from a wide range of consumers.

    2.Electronic Products: Such as Mobile Data Cables Mobile data cables, like the Boyce Fast Charging Cable, are essential accessories for smartphone devices. Apart from their high quality, they also come in vibrant colors that stand out from the crowd.

    The Boyce Fast Charging Cable (20ML) has garnered significant attention in the market. It utilizes 3.0A synchronous transmission technology, enabling fast and stable data transfer and charging effects. Whether connecting to a smartphone, tablet, or other Micro Type C interface devices, users can enjoy efficient and convenient usage experience. In addition to its excellent functionality, the Boyce Fast Charging Cable (20ML) offers a variety of colors for consumers to choose from and has gained high recognition from influencer @torbitsss.

    Moreover, according to Echotik’s product selection tool, the Boyce Fast Charging Cable (20ML) has attracted a large number of users with its outstanding performance. It has accumulated over 19.8 million views, indicating its popularity on the market.

    The e-commerce market in the Philippines is currently experiencing rapid growth, with mobile devices, social media, and cross-border e-commerce being the main trends. Through analysis using Echotik’s data tool, we have learned that Filipino consumers have a high demand for beauty and skincare products, fashion accessories, and health food.

    With continuous technological innovation in e-commerce and support from the Philippine government to improve the supply chain, the e-commerce market in the Philippines is expected to continue its rapid growth. This will provide consumers with more high-quality products and shopping experiences.

    In this era of cross-border e-commerce competition, everyone is actively participating. Echotik’s data tool can help you analyze and grasp data faster. The EchoTik data tool can also guide you in selecting the hottest global products!

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