TIKTOK Live Monitoring Helps You Monitor Live Rooms in the Cloud

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·3 min read

    With the rapid development of social media, live streaming has become an important way for people to access information, entertainment, and communication. In this thriving industry, effectively monitoring and analyzing data from live rooms has become a focus for many businesses and individuals.

    Here, I will introduce you to a powerful and user-friendly live monitoring tool called Echotik. Echotik is a cloud-based live monitoring tool designed to help users obtain real-time data from live rooms and perform comprehensive analysis. With Echotik, you can easily understand important information such as traffic, products, audience demographics, and language used in the live room.

    1.First, go to Echotik ( and find the section for live tools. Of course, besides live tools, there are also other data tools available for use.

    2.When you enter the live monitoring interface, you will see an “Add Live Monitoring” button. Real-time data at the minute level helps you understand the secrets of successful live rooms.

    3.Using the live monitoring tool is very simple and only requires three steps to set up before you can start monitoring:

    a. Search for the account you want to monitor.

    b. Set the monitoring duration.

    c. Set the notification method.

    4.After setting up the desired data to view, notifications will be sent when the live stream starts and ends, and monitoring data will be generated accordingly. Detailed data charts will also be generated.

    Whether you are a seller, influencer, or small business owner, you can easily get started with Echotik for live monitoring. With just a few minutes of simple operation, you can obtain detailed and accurate data reports.

    Compared to traditional manual monitoring methods, Echotik has many advantages. Firstly, Echotik is a cloud-based monitoring tool that enables unmanned operation, allowing you to view real-time data reports at any time and make decisions and adjustments based on these data.

    Secondly, Echotik can automatically extract product listings from live rooms and supports exporting them. This means there is no need for manual organization of product information; simply set it up to obtain comprehensive sales data. In addition, Echotik can calculate sales volume through big data analysis and automatically record and extract effective language patterns to support the performance of live rooms.

    Lastly, in upcoming versions, Echotik will introduce cross-analysis of dimensions such as language patterns, traffic, and sales volume. By considering and analyzing these key indicators comprehensively, Echotik will help users further optimize their live room performance and achieve better results.

    Now let’s hear what users who have used Echotik for live monitoring have to say:

    In summary, Echotik is a powerful and user-friendly live monitoring tool. It not only helps users obtain accurate and real-time live data reports but also automatically extracts product information, calculates sales volume, and extracts effective language patterns. In the future, more features will be introduced to further optimize the performance of live rooms. If you are an e-commerce professional, why not give Echotik a try? Let the cloud help monitor your live rooms and take your livestreaming to the next level!

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