TIKTOK Product Selection Tool - A Convenient and Efficient Tool for Product Selection

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·3 min read

    In today’s highly competitive e-commerce market, choosing the right products is crucial for business success. However, finding the best choices among a vast array of products is not easy. Allow me to recommend a powerful and user-friendly product selection tool - Echotik.

    Echotik is a comprehensive and convenient tool that offers various functionalities to help you easily find products that meet your requirements. Let me introduce you to the key features of this product selection tool:

    1.Product Library: Finding Hot-selling Products

    By exploring popular and trending products on TikTok, you can enter the product library. It allows you to filter products based on different countries and select from various categories such as beauty care, home decor, women’s clothing, fashion accessories, and more. Additionally, there are flexible filtering options available, including recent days, total sales volume, price range, etc. Advanced filtering options include influencer endorsements, live streaming numbers, video counts, new arrivals, and presenting product trend analysis.

    The tool provides a list of products that meet your set criteria. The list displays information such as price, sales volume, influencer endorsements count, live streaming numbers, video counts along with clear analysis through quantity trend charts and price breakdowns. The category filtering is even more detailed with options like 1st level selection: Women’s Clothing; 2nd level options: Tops, Pants, Dresses; 3rd level options within Tops category: Shirts, Jackets,Vests.


    Echotik’s Product Selection Tool also provides two rankings: Best-selling Rankings and Hot Recommendations Rankings. You can view daily, weekly, and monthly rankings and browse products in different categories based on their sales performance.

    By referring to the rankings, you can gain a clear understanding of which product categories are more popular in a particular country.

    3.Platform Overview Analysis:

    By selecting a country and accessing the Platform Overview Analysis feature, you can view the overall analysis of products in that country. This includes the market share of each product category, allowing you to intuitively understand which categories are selling well.

    For example, within the beauty care category, the analysis will display the market share breakdown along with sales volume, influencer endorsements count, estimated trends, and price distribution. It will also provide a ranking of best-selling subcategories within beauty care.

    Why use the product selection function? What advantages and conveniences can it bring?

    Market trend analysis:

    The product selection tool allows you to understand market trends and gain a better understanding of the current market direction. With this tool, you can view sales data and trend forecasts for different product categories. This helps in making informed product selection decisions and capitalizing on market opportunities.

    Competitor analysis:

    In the highly competitive e-commerce industry, understanding your competitors is crucial. Using the product selection tool, you can analyze your competitors and easily access their product information, sales data, and other key metrics. This enables you to develop effective marketing strategies and stay one step ahead of your competition.

    4.Data report generation:

    To have a better grasp of business performance and development trends, the EchoTik product selection tool offers a data export feature. With this functionality, you can select specific time ranges and generate detailed reports that include key metrics such as sales revenue, order volume, customer feedback, etc. These comprehensive reports facilitate effective data analysis. is a third-party TikTok overseas short video and live-streaming e-commerce data analytics platform. Its mission is to empower global sellers, creators, MCNs (Multi-Channel Networks), and brands with marketing methods for short videos and live-streaming platforms, enabling easy product sales and promotions.

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