TikTok Shop|Single Upload Product

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·3 min read

    Merchants need to complete the shipping fees template before uploading products, otherwise they will receive a reminder when uploading the product.

    Single Upload Product


    •​Entrance ①

    Seller Center->Product->Manage Product->Add new product

    •​Entrance ②

    Seller Center->Product->Add new product

    •​Describe what you are selling

    •​Product name

    •​No more than 188 characters


    •​You can enter keywords to search categories.

    •​Different category selections will determine the scope of other information.

    •​Products need to comply with the sale rules of TikTok Shop.

    •UK TikTok Shop Prohibited Products Guidelines:

    •​​UK TikTok Shop Restricted Products Guidelines:


    •​For branded products, sellers can search by keywords and quickly select from the brand pool of the platform. The brand selected here is not limited to qualifications. If the brand exists in the brand pool and is not a high-risk brand, it can be selected.

    •​For brand qualifications that have been submitted for review, the word ‘Authorized’ is displayed under the brand, and buyers will see the brand on the product details page.

    ​•For brand qualifications that have not been submitted for review, the word ‘Unauthorized’ will be displayed under the brand and will not be revealed on the buyer-side.

    •Basic Information

    ​•Please fill out product information accurately.

    •​Product Certification

    ​•​Some categories require uploading some certificate or qualifications. Please refer to the page prompt and upload the corresponding document.

    Report Example

    ​•​UKCA Declaration (e.g. Children’s toys)

    •​Test repot (e.g.Jewelry, watches, and accessories)

    •​Cosmetic product notification (e.g. Beauty and personal care products)


    •​Variation refers to the variables that affect the price of the product, such as color, size, etc.

    •​Specification value refers to the specific options of a variable, such as red, black, white, etc.

    •​You can add new specs and name the specs value.

    •​SKU list

    •​All SKU lists are automatically generated after the variations are set.

    •​Seller SKU (optional) refers to the merchant’s own internal SKU number, which can help the merchant to sort out the products.

    •​Quantity is where to fill in the inventory quantity of each item.

    Product Identifier Code

    ​The product identifier codes are commonly in the format of GTIN, UPC, ISBN, or EANs.

    ​These are commonly found on products in barcode format. The right format needs to be selected before entering the code.

    ​Ensure the product identifier code you fill in should be registered with the GS1 database.

    ​Certain product categories require mandatory input for this field. Others remain optional, provided you select a valid reason for not inputting the product identifier code.

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