Tips for Beginners in TikTok Product Selection

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·4 min read


    For beginners, the process of product selection in cross-border e-commerce can be challenging. However, mastering some product selection techniques can help newcomers get started and find products with great potential. This article will introduce different categories of product selection techniques, provide examples for each category, and explore the advantages of product selection in September.

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    To select trending and popular products, it is crucial to master effective product selection techniques.

    II. Categories of Product Selection Techniques:

    1.Traffic-Generating Products: These products are primarily used to attract customers to your store, increase exposure and traffic. Examples include popular electronics, fashionable accessories, and creative home decor.

    2.Bargain Products: These products are usually sold at low prices or through promotional offers to attract customers. Examples include discounted items, limited-time discounts, and buy-one-get-one-free deals.

    3.Unique Products: These products have unique designs or features that capture consumers' interest. Examples include personalized custom products, creatively designed novelty gifts, and products made from special materials.

    4.Seasonal Products: These products are related to specific seasons or holidays and have strong demand and sales potential. Examples include Christmas decorations, summer outdoor essentials, and back-to-school supplies for the autumn season.

    5.Potential Winners: These products are emerging and have great potential in the market. Examples include innovative tech products, popular health and beauty items, and products related to current trends and pop culture.

    6.Branded Products: These products are associated with popular brands or well-known intellectual properties, attracting fans' purchases. Examples include celebrity merchandise, licensed products based on anime characters, movie-related merchandise, and creatively designed products related to special holidays.

    III. Examples of Product Selection Techniques:

    1.Traffic-Generating Products: Wireless earphones, fashionable bracelets, creative aroma lamps.

    2.Bargain Products: Discounted phone cases, limited-time offers on beauty products, buy-one-get-one-free home essentials.

    3.Unique Products: Personalized custom T-shirts, creatively designed gift boxes, wallets made from special materials.

    4.Seasonal Products: Christmas decorative lights, summer beach towels, Chinese New Year red envelopes.

    5.Potential Winners: Smart fitness trackers, popular skincare products, merchandise related to popular culture.

    6.Branded Products: Clothing inspired by celebrities, collectible anime figurines, movie-related posters.

    IV. Advantages of September Product Selection:

    September offers several advantages for cross-border e-commerce:

    1.Seasonal Transition: September marks the transition from summer to autumn, and people start to purchase autumn clothing, health products, and more.

    2.Festival Demand: Mid-September is the time for the Mid-Autumn Festival, and people buy mooncakes, gifts, and related products. It is also the wedding season and travel season, where outdoor sports and decorative items are in high demand.

    3.Promotional Season: September is a promotion season on major e-commerce platforms. Take advantage of platform promotions to promote and sell your products.

    4.New Product Launches: Many brands introduce new products in September, capturing customers' attention and desire to purchase.

    5.Student Demand: September is the back-to-school season, and students need to purchase school supplies, stationery, and other related products.


    Product selection is a key factor in the success of cross-border e-commerce. By mastering different product selection techniques, beginners can make better choices. Additionally, the months following September offer great marketing potential. Seize the advantages of seasonal transitions, festival demands, promotional seasons, and new product launches to enhance the promotion and sales of your products. We hope this article provides insights and guidance for newcomers in the field of cross-border e-commerce.

    Feel free to join EchoTik and embark on a successful journey in convenient product selection! 💼 will continue to accompany you to explore the new opportunities of global video and live e-commerce, and provide you with TikTok related information and guidance on product selection and operation. Welcome to follow!


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