Update| EchoTik v22.10.2-alpha is online!

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·4 min read

    Dear EchoTik users.Before introducing this update, allow me to briefly introduce you to TikTok marketing data analysis and selection platform , a third-party data analysis platform for short videos and live-streaming e-commerce, was founded by the Echosell team in the middle of 2022. The core members of EchoSell are all from famous internet enterprises, and have worked extensively in the e-commerce industry for more than ten years. For now, EchoTikThe EchoSell team firmly believes that more Chinese companies will go global in the future and that TikTok, a phenomenal global media and e-commerce platform, will be of great value. After research, we found that domestic brands, enterprises and sellers, etc., generally still have pain points about the data, rules and trends of the TikTok platform at this stage, and thus EchoTikEchoTik's mission is to enable global sellers, creators, MCNs, and brands to master the marketing methods of short videos and live-streaming.The platform has been in internal beta since September and maintains at least two major version updates per month. Recently, the Chrome browser extension has also been launched, with the help of which you can easily view the historical data of influencers on the official website of TikTok. Chrome extension download address (copy to Chrome browser download):​​

    At present, EchoTik has accumulated nearly 100 angel users, thanks to the many valuable suggestions and feedback provided by angel users.

    In order to provide users with more accurate and comprehensive data services, after the team's efforts,  v22.10.2 version is launched officially today! The specific features of the new version are as follows.

    1. Improve Basic Functions

    1) Optimize the loading of images and some search filters, and improve the speed of accessing the whole website again.2) Chinese/English interface supports login with WeChat and Google account respectively, no need to remember passwords.

    Currently, EchoTik is still in the product internal testing stage, and an invitation code is required to register . We invite more users to become our angel users.

    2. Accurate and Comprehensive Data

    As a data analysis tool, ensuring the accuracy of data is our basic promise to our customers. In this version, the platform has continued to replenish the database to the level of 5 million people, added the product data in the small stores of the top 200,000 people, as well as the data of the top 500,000 people in the live room, and completed the calibration of sales data and live room data. In order to facilitate users to carry out market research, some of the data support downloads, including creator lists, popular product lists, etc.【User Guide】

    3. Independent Creator Lists

    Adding independent dares list, publishing rich creators list data, you can quickly find the head, dark horse, seed and other overseas creators. Richer creators' data and metrics to help multiple players such as merchants, brands, group leaders and MCNs to match relevant pendant creators, judge the ability of creators to bring products, and efficiently build connections and cooperation.New metrics have been added:

    • Comprehensively access creators' videos, live streams, and sales data.

    • Added multiple metrics such as IPM and GPM for videos, as well as video trend data.

    【User Guide】

    4. New Card View: Intuitive to Check

    Green card view for video, live broadcast, and products makes the information more intuitive and clear, and improves the efficiency of retrieval and research.

    All of EchoTik's v22.10.2 version update's contents are listed above. The platform is still in its early stages. Please feel free to offer us more advice going forward:

    Coming soon...

    • TikTok large-market data analysis to quickly grasp the overall development trend of the platform.

    • More accurate and up-to-date professional data analysis.

    , a third-party data analysis platform for short videos and live-streaming e-commerce. EchoTikIn addition to using popular hashtags,​

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