Version Update|EchoTik v22.11.2-beta

    ·June 24, 2024
    ·1 min read

    Hello, I am your TikTok data consultant Echo.


    EchoTik .live v22.11.2-beta has been updated. Let's see the changes!

    1. New product quantity, sales and GMV data of different price levels in Platform Analysis.

    2. Add sorting by play, like, comment, share, and filtering by whether to sell products in the video library.

    3. Optimize Google login experience.

    4. Optimize the manual request to update the data of the influencers and products, and finish the update in one day at the latest.

    5. Speed up the collection of video and product data. 28 million videos and 1.3 million products have been collected.

    6. Fix the problem of frequent triggering of search box on Dashboard page.

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